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Beauty: Revival Facial just the tonic for tired skin

Can a treatment lasting only 45 minutes refresh even the most lacklustre and tired complexion? We find out

By Katie Wright

Three days after returning from a trip to New York, I was in the midst of jet lag hell. Bleary-eyed and exhausted, I couldn't stop yawning, and my skin was duller than a misty Monday in January. If anyone needed something called the Radiance Revival Facial, it was I.

Was my complexion beyond repair, however? I wasn't convinced that 45 minutes was long enough to restore any semblance of radiance to my face, but my cares soon faded away as I snuggled under the blanket in the cosy, warm treatment room, and my facialist, Alison Williams, got to work.

She began by thoroughly removing my make-up and cleansing my skin with Cellcosmet Precious Mask (the facial uses exclusively Cellcosmet products), before using the Dual Action Exfoliant, which thoroughly scrubs away skin cells with jojoba beads and papaya enzymes, while steam helped to open my pores and release all the yucky pollutants and grime that get trapped inside.

Next up came the extractions (for the uninitiated, that means squeezing your pores, basically), a process I normally hate, and often have to politely decline, but Alison was so gentle I didn't even mind. When she applied a day cream packed with Cellcosmet's exclusive skin-forming actives and gently massaged it in, I hit peak relaxation - in fact I actually dozed off (the sign of an expert facialist I always think, not just extreme jet lag).

Finishing with serum and eye cream, the treatment was over all too soon, but I was quickly perked up when I saw the results in the mirror. Plump, perky and glowy skin had miraculously replaced the pallid complexion I'd walked into the treatment room with.

Of course, it's not cheap (what facial is these days?), but for instant results and intense relaxation in the process, this treatment is worth its weight in gold.

Katie Wright experienced the Cellcosmet Radiance Revival Facial at Holistic Health Lab in London. Treatments are available nationwide with prices starting from £130 for 45 minutes. For more information, visit

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