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Beauty tips: How you can look beautiful without it costing the earth


Supermodel Kate Moss revealed this week that her favourite beauty tip from 30 years' experience in the fashion industry is to dunk your face in a sink of icy water. Kerry McKittrick asks local figures to divulge their cheap and cheerful top tips for putting their best face forward.

Alison Clarke, director of the Miss Northern Ireland competition and founder of ACA Models, is married to golfer Darren Clarke and has two grown-up sons. She says:

The best thing I can do for my skin is to get some additional sleep. I'll go to bed at eight o'clock at night and not get up again until eight o'clock the next morning. That really works for me because, if I get really tired, a little lump appears under my eye. It's nothing to worry about but it's a sure sign that I need to get some more sleep.

I don't drink enough water but I'm really trying to because I know it helps.

I always take my make-up off every night but, generally, when it comes to my skin, less is more.

My skin is quite oily so I don't really use moisturiser - when I'm on holiday my face can get a little pimply from using high factor suncare on my face.

I tend to use a high factor BB cream on my face, which I prefer to a heavy foundation."

Gemma Garrett (36) is a make-up artist, model and former Miss GB. She says:

One thing which a lot of people in the beauty industry frown upon - but has worked for me since the age of 17 - is Sudocrem, which costs about £2. If I ever have a spot or a shaving rash or any kind of skin irritation, I swear by it. People are horrified because it does have a lot of chemicals in it, and these days everyone talks about using natural products. But Sudocrem is so effective. If you only put it on targeted areas it really does what it's supposed to. I also remember reading an interview with Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and she used it in exactly the same way. I think our mums probably told us to use it for our spots straight away. You will always find a couple of pots of it in my beauty box."

Paddy McGurgan, award winning make-up artist and owner of the Makeup Pro Store chain, he says:

I have one tip that I tell all my clients and that's to use muslin. I send them to Mothercare where you can get big sheets of muslin for £3, and I tell them to cut these big sheets up into smaller ones - and use them as facecloths. The muslin is great for your skin.

If you use it with a cleanser that requires water, not only will it cleanse, but it also has a gentle exfoliation effect. You do get muslin cloths with certain cleansers on the high street, but I find with muslin, once you machine wash it, you lose that slightly abrasive texture. This is a great way of being able to use and replace your muslin in a very affordable way. What I advise - it's a bit similar to Kate Moss' tip which was to hold your face in a sink of ice cubes, cold water and slices of cucumber for as long as you can to reduce puffiness and tighten your skin - is that once you have cleansed your face with hot water, soak the cloth in cold water and press it over your face for a few seconds. Again, the cold has a tightening effect on your face."

Claire McCollum (43), a TV presenter, is married to Alastair and they have two children, Samuel (11) and Rose (9). She says:

I'm notoriously low maintenance and I hate spending time on skincare or beauty regimes. My mother has beautiful skin so I think genes play a big role - you get what you're given. The only time I ever spent any money on expensive creams was one day when I got paid I bought Creme de la Mer, a very expensive moisturiser. It felt lovely and the packaging was beautiful. I'm not saying it didn't work but I didn't feel the need to ever go out and buy another one.

My only beauty secret is to drink tap water - I drink water all the time. I've never counted it up but I start the day with at least a pint in the morning and I always have water out with me wherever I go. It's the first thing I turn to if my energy levels are flagging - I take it before food or chocolate. It's the thing that perks me up."

Emma Heatherington (39), a novelist, lives in Donaghmore with her partner, Jim McKee, and has four children, Jordyn (20), Jade (15), Adam (14) from her first marriage and Sonny (2) with Jim. She says:

My daughters have more of a make-up and beauty collection than I will ever have.

I have one make-up brush and I buy whatever foundation is on offer.

I'm the world's worst person for even taking my make-up off. My daughter was giving off to me just the other morning because I was doing the school run and I had big panda eyes because I was still in last night's mascara. They were mortified.

I use Nivea moisturiser, though, and have been since the age of 15 - I like the one in the dark blue pot which is £2.99. It's all I've ever used and I think I've got away with it so far. I wear make-up but it's only ever bargain basement stuff.

I did actually buy myself a Smashbox lipstick as a treat for a wedding a couple of weeks ago - it cost £17, which was a lot for me. To be honest, I don't even know where it is now. If I ever find it again I would be surprised. That's why I don't invest too much."

Sarah Clarke (35), a UTV reporter, is married to Rory and they have two children, Daniel (4) and Emily (2). She says:

Vaseline is the absolute go-to product for me which costs just over a pound. I get dry skin so I always have some Vaseline handy to use on my lips, under my eyes and on my cheeks. I use it on the kids too if they get chapped lips and that kind of thing. We keep pots of it everywhere and all of my coat pockets are full of the little lip tins that you can buy.

I do look after my skin and take my make-up off but I wouldn't spend money on expensive products. I tend to use the kind of thing that my mum would have, like Astral and Ponds and those creams that have been around for years. I'm quite lucky with my skin - but I try and take care of it and drink plenty of water."

Lynda Bryans (55) is a lecturer in journalism at Belfast Metropolitan College and a former UTV presenter. She lives in Castlereagh with husband Mike Nesbitt (60), an Ulster Unionist Party MLA, and they have two sons, PJ (21) and Christopher (18). She says:

A friend of mine who has a beauty salon brought me in one day, scanned my face and told me that my skin age is only 33!

I used to do everything wrong - sunbathing in olive oil and that sort of thing. I have oily skin anyway so I can go red quite easily. These days I don't go to a beach unless there's a parasol - I always keep my face out of the sun. Fake tans are so good these days you don't need to sit in the sun anymore anyway.

I get told off about my skincare all the time. I don't moisturise very often because of my oily skin - although I have a bit more in the last few years because my skin is getting a little dryer this decade. I don't use any fancy cleansers or anything like that. All I do is lather up with Dove soap - which is 80p a bar."

Carly Bell (27), owner of Bellaire hair and beauty in Belfast, is married to Ryan and has a daughter, Arabella (11 months). She says:

It sounds so random but I happily put toothpaste on my spots before I go to bed. If you do they are totally dried up in the morning. I've tried all sorts of expensive spot creams and balms but a £2.99 toothpaste is just as good as anything else.

I use a brand of skincare called Lancer that was developed by an American doctor.

He's also written a book about all the methods for cleansing and moisturising, how to avoid lines and increase elasticity.

For me it's a lot about the method as well as the product. I have a skincare routine that I really stick to - I wouldn't go to bed without taking off my make-up."

Niamh Perry (27), from Bangor, is a singer and actress who shot to fame by taking part in the BBC Series I'd Do Anything. She has starred in various musical theatre productions including Mamma Mia in the West End and Andrew Lloyd Webber's Love Never Dies. She says:

I take my make-up off and make sure my skin is clean before I cook - it means all the lovely steam from cooking steams my face. It's like getting a facial while making dinner.

I've had troubled skin since I was about 15, and if I have a breakout I reach for Sudocrem. My two vices are red wine and skincare products - and I'm constantly looking for new brands. I also swear by my Clarisonic cleansing brush - I do a double cleanse with it every night. I love the Liz Earle Deep Cleansing clay face mask, which I use twice a week and it has really helped my skin."

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