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Beauty tips: The one big mistake we make when applying mascara

Top make-up artist Lisa Eldridge often sees women making one big mistake. She explains all to Katie Wright

If you were told you could only use three make-up products for the rest of your life (a truly terrifying prospect, of course), mascara would probably be one of your picks, wouldn't it?

Because there's no faster way to make you look fresh-faced and wide awake, even when you're feeling far from it.

And it's so easy - a few quick waves of that magic wand and you're instantly transformed from groggy to gorgeous, right?

Well, that's not necessarily true. When you hear what celebrity make-up artist Lisa Eldridge has to say, you might need to reassess your mascara technique.

Asked to name the mistakes she most often sees women make, mascara tops the list. Specifically, when the lashes are coated heavily with heaps of product right to their very ends.

This is not flattering, she says: "Particularly if you've got naturally quite small eyes, that type of make-up will close them and make them look smaller.

"That is definitely a case of when I'm looking at someone I'm like, 'Hmm I want to do those eyes'!"

Lisa adds: "I much prefer a feathery lash that lifts the eye. It's elongating and opening, making the eyes long and shapely."

Luckily Lisa has told us how we should be applying our mascara to get the right effect.

"Always apply as much as you can at the roots first. Get down to the roots and hold there and just massage very slowly at the roots for as long as you can, back and forward."

Only once the roots are coated, can you comb outwards, she instructs: "Eventually, lightly zigzag out to the tip. Do that a few times, then once you're finished you can always glide through the tips at the end.

"It's all about getting the bulk on first. Otherwise, the lashes can get very heavy at the end before you can get enough definition on the root. It should be the other way round, more on the roots and less on the tips."

So there you have it. Lisa's lash lesson has ended - go forth and spread the word.

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