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Belfast Fashion Spy: 'Agyness Deane has great style, but Made In Chelsea girls wear a standard uniform'

Kerry McKittrick checks out the style in Belfast city centre

Astrid Lonsdale (18), student, Belfast

Wore what? Coat, £80, Ironfist; jumper, £38, jeans, £36, bag, £40 all from Topshop; boots, £20, eBay.

Why? My style changes from one day to the next. I used to wear all black but when pink coats started coming in I moved to that. I don't like gilets or bodywarmers -- they make people look too chunky.

Who? I like Agyness Deane because her style isn't typical. I don't like the Made In Chelsea girls, though, as it's like they have a standard uniform that they wear.

* Monthly spend £200

Laura Dysart (21), retail assistant, Coleraine

Wore what? Jacket, £70, T-shirt, £18, bag, £20, boots, £60, all from Topshop; leggings, £3, Primark

Why? I try to keep up with the trends when money allows and go for a different look every day. I don't like high-waisted skater skirts, though -- they make everyone look frumpy.

Who? Blake Lively dresses plainly but it works quite well for her. I really don't like Alexa Chung's style, her clothes make her look square.

* Monthly spend £200-250

Gillian Martin (22), cabin crew, Bangor

Wore what? Coat, present, Tommy Hilfiger; shirt, £15, H&M; jeans, £35, bag, £25, sunglasses, £15, all River Island; boots, £15, market, Liverpool.

Why? I like to dress up, just not too much. I always wear high heels, but I don't like grungy clothes like Converse or hoodies.

Who? I like all of the Kardashians because they're always well dressed. I don't like Miley Cyrus' style, and I don't think it's cool to mis-match things like the people from TOWIE do.

* Monthly spend £300

Cliodhna Doherty (26), full-time mum, Belfast

Wore what? Jacket, £28, dress, £3, boots, £15, all from Primark; bag, present, River Island.

Why? My style can be quite Gothic or rock chick. I don't like pink, not that it means I'm not girly, though!

Who? Cheryl Cole is really well put together, as everything she wears looks nice, but Kirsten Stewart's style is a bit plain.

* Monthly spend £100-200

Shannon Ashby (20), full-time mum, Belfast

Wore what? Scarf, £7, Fresh Garbage; mac, £22, and shoes, £4, both from Primark; dress, £15, New Look; bag, £2, charity shop.

Why? I like to dress casually with a bit of sparkle. I don't like people wearing tracksuits away from the gym, though.

Who? I like Kate Winslet because she can look formal but show herself off. Lady Gaga is just too much for me.

* Monthly spend £30


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