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Belfast fashion spy: Audrey Hepburn had elegant dresses; Britney Spears dresses too casually

By Kerry McKittrick

Our reporter checks out the style in Belfast city centre and finds plenty of trendy people out and about.

Marie-Helen Nordlund (24)

Banker, Belfast

Wore what? Mac, £130, Karen Millen; bag, £40, Scottish outlet; pumps, £20, TK Maxx.

Why? My style would be feminine but classic, so I like to wear a lot of fitted dresses.

Who? I like Audrey Hepburn with her lovely, elegant dresses, but someone who dresses too casually, like Britney Spears, wouldn't work for me.

  • Monthly spend £50

Jade Jamison (21)

Secretary, Belfast

Wore what? Jacket, £40, Asos; top, £4, jeans, £10, Primark; boots, £80, New Look; bag, present.

Why?: My style is casual, so I wear a lot of jeans with my leather jacket. I wouldn't wear a football shirt though, that's taking casual too far.

Who? Kim Kardashian has a really nice style and I like that she's understated. Lady Gaga's look is too extreme, though.

  • Monthly spend £100

Rachel Nelson (25)

Receptionist, Belfast

Wore what? Dress, £15, jacket, £35,; shoes, £25, Fearless.

Why? My style changes, so I go for different looks every day - today's look is Sixties-inspired. I don't like baggy clothes that don't show off your figure.

Who? Kate Middleton always looks stylish and well-dressed, but Katie Price looks too overdone.

  • Monthly spend £250

Anna Laverty (22)

PR co-ordinator, Ballymena

Wore what? Jacket, £25, top, £20, trousers, £20, New Look; shoes, £15, Primark; bag, £45, River Island.

Why? My style is quite smart and classic, as I don't often go for jeans. I would never go out in tracksuits, that would be far too casual for my liking.

Who? Cara Delevingne has a lovely, unique style, but Miley Cyrus's look is too grungy for me.

  • Monthly spend £100

Rachel Henry (18)

Student, Belfast

Wore what? Jacket, £50, River Island; top, £20, jeans, £30, Topshop; sandals, £25,; bag, £16, New Look.

Why? I like to be a little different, with an individual style. I wear jeans but not boyfriend jeans - they're just not to my taste.

Who? I like how Kylie Jenner dresses, as she can be a little out there with her clothes. I don't like anyone from Made In Chelsea, as their style can be a little dull.

  • Monthly spend £100

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