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Belfast Fashion Spy: 'I like Fearne Cotton’s individualistic look'

Fearne Cotton (Photo by Jeff Spicer/Getty Images)
Fearne Cotton (Photo by Jeff Spicer/Getty Images)
YouTuber Lydia Tomlinson
Ashling Kelly
Sarah Mackle
Katie Moore
Anita Collins
Megan O'Donovan
Nicola Johnston
Olivia Clarke
Helen Heesom
Rachel Dean

By Rachel Dean

Rachel Dean checks out the style in Victoria Square, Belfast.

Ashling Kelly (31), legal contract manager, Belfast

Ashling Kelly

Wore what? Top, £10, trousers, £29.99, shoes, £16.99, all Zara; jacket, £32, sunglasses, £14, both Topshop; bag, £80, brand in France.

Why? My style is very smart for work, but outside of that it’s relaxed and casual.

Who? I follow YouTuber Lydia Tomlinson on Instagram and I think her style is unreal. She always looks great.

Monthly spend: £300

Sarah Mackle (31), teacher, Banbridge

y 16 Aug 2019 004.jpg
Sarah Mackle

Wore what? Top, £30, Zara; skirt, £20, H&M; shoes, £50, Vans; bag, £75, Kate Spade.

Why? I’m usually in a skirt or a dress, so I would say my style is feminine. Being a mum, I tend to wear black because it’s practical and effortless.

Who? I’ve always loved Alexa Chung’s quirky look.

Monthly spend: £200

Alexa Chung (Photo by Tristan Fewings/Getty Images)

Katie Moore (23), student, Lurgan

y 16 Aug 2019 003.jpg
Katie Moore

Wore what? Dress, £15, top, £3, both Primark; jacket, £30, Debenhams; shoes, £60, Adidas.

Why? If I had to describe my style in two words, I would say quirky and colourful.

Who? I think singer Camila Cabello’s style is super fun.

Monthly spend: £200

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Megan O’Donovan (25), teacher, Cork

Megan O'Donovan

Wore what? Top, £3, jacket, £25, shoes, £6, bag, £5, all Primark; skirt, £20, Boohoo.

Why? My look could be described as dressy-casual. I always say if I can find a bargain, I’m winning.

Who? I like how Suzanne Jackson wears a lot of affordable pieces — her style is so achievable for those with realistic budgets.

Monthly spend: £50-100

Anita Collins (50), cabin crew, Hillsborough

y 16 Aug 2019 008.jpg
Anita Collins

Wore what? Top, £49, shoes, £40, both M&S; jacket, £50, H&M; trousers, £38, Topshop; bag, £60, Longchamp.

Why? I would describe my look as smart-classic.

Who? Victoria Beckham — her style is simple and classy.

Monthly spend: £100-150

Victoria Beckham (Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)

Nicola Johnston (18), student, Belfast

y 16 Aug 2019 007.jpg
Nicola Johnston

Wore what? Top, £12, jacket, £35, both Topshop; skirt, £15, PrettyLittleThing; shoes, £75, Nike; bag, £50, Mistress Rocks.

Why? My style is dressy-casual and a little bit quirky. I’ve been really into neutral tones recently.

Who? YouTuber Sophia Tuxford’s look is so trendy. I love how she styles bold pieces to make them more wearable.

Monthly spend: £400

Helen Heesom (41), marketing manager, Cheshire

Helen Heesom

Wore what? Dress, £25, ASOS; jacket, £150, H&M; boots, £60, Office; bag, £700, Mulberry.

Why? I’m very fashion-led, but I make sure I buy clothing that’s suitable for me — and that usually means practical pieces because I have four children.

Who? I like how individualistic Fearne Cotton’s look is.

Monthly spend: £200

Olivia Clarke (19), student, North Wales

y 16 Aug 2019 009.jpg
Olivia Clarke

Wore what? Dress, £12, Pretty Little Thing; jumper, £10, Zara; shoes, £12, bag, £5, both Primark.

Why? My style is inspired by beachy, bohemian looks. I’m quite girly too.

Who? I love YouTuber Summer McKeen’s style. It’s casual and colourful

Monthly spend: £80

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