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Belfast Fashion Spy: I love how Gigi Hadid layers her outfits


Gigi Hadid
Gigi Hadid
Sophie Torrans
Danielle Dobson
Shannon Davey
Seren Pemrick
Irina Metvejeva
Eden Wilson
Catherine Roddy
Tori Larmour

Rachel Dean checks out the style in Victoria Square, Belfast.

Sophie Torrans (21), student teacher, Lisburn

Sophie Torrans

Wore what? Top, £8.99, skirt, £12.99, both H&M; shoes, £17.99, bag, £14.99, both New Look.

Why? My style is modern and girly. I like to dress down outfits by popping on a pair of trainers.

Who? Cool FM’s Melissa Riddell looks great. She knows exactly how to put a stylish outfit together.

Monthly spend: £100

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In Dublin’s fair city ❤️

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Danielle Dobson (24), administrator, Belfast

Danielle Dobson

Wore what? Top, £30, Urban Outfitters; jacket, £30, Missguided; trousers, £30, Topshop; boots, £20, Boohoo; bag, gift, Chanel.

Why? My look could be described as minimal. I tend to wear black quite often.

Who? I follow Laura Jade Stone on Instagram. I love the simplicity of her look, I get some of my own style ideas from it.

Monthly spend: £200

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🌺🌺 Wearing @borntobechic

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Shannon Davey (20), student, Larne

Shannon Davey

Wore what? Top, £3, scarf, £5, both Primark; coat, £80, River Island; jeans, £40, Topshop; shoes, £25, New Look; bag, £40, Dune.

Why? I would say my look is quite sophisticated but still very comfy. I love that autumnal colours are back on the high street.

Who? I like Kate Middleton’s classy look. She always looks so well put together.

Monthly spend: £150

fashionspy (5).jpg
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

Seren Pemrick (17), student, Ballymoney

Seren Pemrick

Wore what? Jumper, gift; jacket, £60, jeans, £40, both Topshop; hat, £12, Zara; boots, £10, Primark; bag, £40, David Jones.

Why? I favour comfort in outfits. I tend to wear neutral colours because they are more fitting to my hair colour.

Who? I love how Gigi Hadid layers her outfits. It looks so effortless.

Monthly spend: £50

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plotting 🛍 @mimicuttrell

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Irina Metvejeva (35), retail manager, Belfast

Irina Metvejeva

Wore what? Top, £45, Under Armour; cardigan, £70, Lindex; jeans, £14, Dunnes Stores; shoes, £59.99; Converse; bag, gift.

Why? My style depends on my mood. I love bright and colourful looks.

Who? I follow Victoria Beckham’s style because it’s feminine and trendy.

Monthly spend: £200

fashionspy (3).jpg
Victoria Beckham

Eden Wilson (23), journalist, Larne

Eden Wilson

Wore what? Top, £15, M&S; coat, £80, boots, £30, both Zara; skirt, £20, New Look; bag, £43, boutique in Spain.

Why? I don’t follow trends. Instead, I just go for things I like and suit my shape.

Who? Alexa Chung is my style inspiration. I think she looks great.

Monthly spend: £100

fashionspy (2).jpg
Alexa Chung

Catherine Roddy (32), project manager, Belfast

Catherine Roddy

Wore what? Top, £6, coat, £25, scarf, £10, all Primark; jeans, £40, boots, £45, bag, £25, all River Island.

Why? I don’t fit in to a particular style category, I just wear what I like the look of.

Who? I like Natalie Portman’s style because she keeps it simple.

Monthly spend: £200-300

fashionspy (1).jpg
Natalie Portman

Tori Larmour (39),  deputy manager, Bangor

Tori Larmour

Wore what? Jumper, £20, Boohoo; coat, £79, M&S; jeans, £40, Hollister; boots, £30, Office; bag, £30, Ted Baker.

Why? My style is feminine and bold. Shoes are my favourite item. I think they make or break an outfit.

Who? I think Kate Hudson has great style.

Monthly spend: £300

fashionspy (4).jpg
Kate Hudson

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