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Belfast Fashion Spy: 'I really enjoy how Fearne Cotton puts an outfit together'

Our reporter Jenny Kirkham checks out the style in Belfast city centre...

Sophie Cosgrove (23) student, Banbridge

Wore what? Jacket, £37, Marks and Spencer; top, £8, Primark; skirt, £30, Topshop; shoes, £25, River Island; bag, £30, Fat Face.

Why? Day to day I love wearing lots of colours and summer is definitely my favourite season for fashion, but I dress in head-to-toe black if I'm going on an evening out. Wearing black makes me feel really classy.

Who? I really adore Alexa Chung's style on her, but I don't think I would ever dress like that - she wears too many layers. I used to love Pixie Lott's style, but recently her outfits have really fallen flat.

  • Monthly spend £100

Hannah Fletcher (21) nurse, Ballynure

Wore what? Shirt, £6, Missguided; jeans, £36, sandals, £26, Topshop; bag, £280, Michael Kors.

Why? I'm a real high street shopper as I prefer to buy more clothes for my money. I'd rather buy four or five outfits for £200 than blow it all on one dress. I can see the value in expensive designer accessories, but pricier clothing just feels like a waste.

Who? I really enjoy how Fearne Cotton puts an outfit together. She always looks so quirky yet her outfits are wearable, unlike Paloma Faith who can look quite out there.

  • Monthly spend £100

Reece Quinn (17) student, Belfast

Wore what? Jacket, £40, Missguided; top, £30, Topshop; jeans, £10, H&M; boots, £20, Schuh; bag, £35, Vintage.

Why? I wouldn't really say I had a particular style, I dress differently everyday. I like to adapt styles I've seen in magazines to make them more wearable on a daily basis.

Who? Kitty Hayes is a model for Topshop and I really love her style. It's on trend and she can really pull of sports luxe which I love. I don't like Kelly Brook's style, it's too girly and outdated.

  • Monthly spend £350

Frances Moore (59) financier, Belfast

Wore what? Top, £22, shoes, £36, House of Fraser; trousers, £25, Wallis; bag, £39, Clarks; sunglasses, £40, Joli Clothing.

Why? I love finding seasonal items in the sale because my fashion sense changes so often. And it's nice to save a bit of money every now and then.

Who? Helen Mirren's style is so classy and she always looks ladylike, whereas Tina Turner is always in dark colours.

  • Monthly spend £100

Shannon McVeigh (21) retail sales, Lurgan

Wore what? Jacket, £15, skirt, £15, H&M; top, £10, Zara; shoes, £14, Primark; bag, £25, TK Maxx.

Why? I love being dressy and colourful because it gives the illusion that I have put a lot of work into getting ready. I don't wear jeans or leggings - they are just too casual for me.

Who? Diane Kruger can pull off anything. I have a real distaste for Rihanna's style (right) - I've never liked her fashion sense and it seems to be getting worse.

  • Monthly spend £100

Emma Keegan (22) nurse, Lurgan

Wore what? Top, £9, kimono, £20, New Look; jeans, £20, Topshop; shoes, £35, River Island.

Why? My fashion sense is colourful and casual. I prefer a pair of jeans and a bright top any day over a floaty dress or tight skirt.

Who? The model Gigi Hadid pulls off casual clothes better than anyone else. I love seeing pictures of her shopping in a pair of ripped jeans and a plain T-shirt, whereas Ariana Grande's clothes tend to look too fussy. I think I would be really self-conscious in her clothes.

  • Monthly spend £170

Rebecca Lenaghan (21) student, Ballyclare

Wore what? Jacket, £45, Urban Outfitters; top, £20, skirt, £34, Topshop; sandals, £36, Aldo; bag, £815, Ralph Lauren.

Why? I mostly dress in what I feel comfortable in. Whether it's considered on trend or not doesn't really concern me.

Who? I have a lot of time for Lana Del Rey's style. She can pull off outfits and accessories other celebrities can't get away with.

Helena Bonham Carter certainly has a unique style, but it's not one I can appreciate, it's too dark and theatrical for me.

  • Monthly spend £250

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