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Belfast Fashion Spy: Rachel Bilson looks great, Jessie J's style is too dark

Kerry McKittrick takes a look at all the styles throughout Belfast.

Laura-Anne Rooney (22)

Student, Belfast

Wore what? Top, £8, and flip-flops, £8, both from Tesco; trousers, £15, Madrid boutique; bag,|present, Accessorize.

Why? I like dressing for the summer more because of all the bright colours and loose, floaty clothes. I don't like really short shorts that show off bums too much.

Who? Rachel Bilson, who is always in magazines for her fashion choices, looks great. Jessie J's style is too dark — I prefer brighter colours.

Monthly spend £50-100


Chantelle Gordon (25)

Stay-at-home mum, Belfast

Wore what? Top, £14, necklace, £5, skirt, £18, all from Topshop; flip-flops, £18, New Look; bag, £4, Primark.

Why? I like to have outfits that match and co-ordinate. I don't like anything really skimpy, such as hotpants, that show off too much. Some girls can pull that look off but it's not my thing.

Who? Cheryl Cole is beautiful and has a stunning style. I don't like Nikki Minaj — she's a bit out there for me; there’s too much going on.

Monthly spend £80-100


Libby Finlay (29)

Banker, Ballyclare

Wore what? Blouse, £7, H&M; pendant, £15, eBay; skirt, £8, New Look; bag, present, Debenhams; shoes, £7, Primark.

Why? I like to dress smartly and look a little bit different. I also love jewellery so I wear a lot of pendants. I’d never wear leggings, though — they’re a fashion no-no for me.

Who? Sienna Millar has a nice, different style. I don’t like the girls from TOWIE. They’re too overdressed and wear too much pink.

Monthly spend £100


Lisa McKenna (33)

Civil servant, Belfast

Wore what? Dress, £15, bag, £15, and shoes, £18, all from New Look.

Why? I would dress like this for work but at weekends I add a bit more colour. I tend to just mix and match and wear what I feel comfortable in. I don't like short skirts and the cropped tops that people wear. I wouldn't show off so much.

Who? I like how the Kardashians dress as their style is classic. Katie Price takes showing off to an extreme which I don't like.

Monthly spend £100


Aine McGurk (35)

Banker, Belfast

Wore what? Top, £20, and skirt, £40, both from Zara; Belt, £50, Reiss; bag, £325, Anya Hindmarch; shoes, £50, Kurt Geiger.

Why? My style is classic and I like to buy the odd designer piece that will last forever. I’m not a fan of see-through linen trousers — that would be a pet hate of mine.

Who? Heidi Klum has a nice, hippy style and Olivia Palermo always look great. I don't like people who dress a bit too frumpy, such as Katherine Heigl.

Monthly spend £200-300

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