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Belfast Fashion Spy: 'Sienna Miller’s unique style always varies'

Sienna Miller (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for International Medical Corps)
Sienna Miller (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for International Medical Corps)
Rebecca Pearce
Fiona Kerr
Elaine Polley
Fiona Blakely
Shauna McEvoy
Tracey Archer
Rebecca Robinson
Shannon Duke
Rachel Dean

By Rachel Dean

Rachel Dean checks out the style in Victoria Square, Belfast.

Rebecca Pearce (25), nurse, Belfast

Rebecca Pearce

Wore what? Top, £8, skirt, £10, coat, £25, bag, £15, all Primark; boots, £25, New Look.

Why? I would describe my style as dressy-casual and minimal.

Who? Emma Watson’s style is minimalistic and smart. I like that she doesn’t try too hard but always looks well put together.

fashion_spy_belfast (1).jpg
Emma Watson (Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

Fiona Kerr (29), wedding photographer, Belfast

Fashion Spy111.jpg
Fiona Kerr

Wore what? Dress, £10, top, £10, bag, £8, all Primark; coat, £15, F&F; boots, £60, Dune.

Why? I would say my look is casual and simple. I wear a lot of denims and neutral tones.

Who? American blogger and photographer Melissa Marshall has a pretty, relaxed look.

Elaine Polley (39), digital brand consultant, Hillsborough

Fashion spy 22222.jpg
Elaine Polley

Wore what? Dress, £150, Karen Millen; coat, £180, And Other Stories; boots, £90, Office; bag, £200, Coccinelle.

Why? I have a classic, eclectic style. I like to have a splash of colour in my look.

Who? I love that Sienna Miller’s unique style always varies.

fashion_spy_belfast (3).jpg
Sienna Miller (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for International Medical Corps)

Fiona Blakely (46), care assistant, Rathfriland

Fashion spy 8888.jpg
Fiona Blakely

Wore what? Jumper, £35, The Walk-In Wardrobe; jeans, £45, scarf, £20, both Topshop; jacket, £180, Crystal boutique; hat, £35, Calvin Klein; shoes, £35, Zara; bag, £130, Zohara.

Why? My style is modern, casual and colourful.

Who? I think Cool FM’s Rebecca McKinney has great style. She keeps it dressy-casual and fresh.

Shauna McEvoy (27), performance coach, Dublin

Fashion spy 7777.jpg
Shauna McEvoy

Wore what? Top, £20, shoes, £60, both Tommy Hilfiger; trousers, £15, Zara; coat, £10, Primark; bag, £20, River Island.

Why? My look is a mixture of high street and designer brands. I like buying items that are a little bit quirky or out there.

Who? I think model Gigi Hadid’s style is so chic. I loved her range with Tommy Hilfiger.

Tracey Archer (48), retail supervisor, Belfast

fashion spy 5555.jpg
Tracey Archer

Wore what? Jumper, gift; coat, £60, M&S; hat, £20, scarf, £20, both River Island; jeans, £99, boots, £75, bag, £75, all Karen Millen.

Why? My look is quite dressy. I love colour and glam.

Who? Victoria Beckham’s style is clean-cut. Her own fashion range is stunning also.

fashion_spy_belfast (2).jpg
Victoria Beckham (Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

Rebecca Robinson (26), project officer, Lisburn

Fashion spy 3333.jpg
Rebecca Robinson

Wore what? Top, £36, jeans, £40, boots, £45, all River Island; coat, £100, Zara; bag, £300, Ralph Lauren.

Why? I’m definitely a plain Jane! My style is smart-casual and simple.

Who? I like how Meghan Markle has kept some of her own style from before she was a duchess. Her look is never over the top.

fashion_spy_belfast (4).jpg
Meghan, Duchess of Sussex (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Shannon Duke (17), kitchen assistant, Ballywalter

Fashion spy 666.jpg
Shannon Duke

Wore what? Jumper, £7, George; trousers, £2.50, charity shop; scarf, £15, River Island; shoes, gift; bag, £5, F&F.

Why? I’m quite into vintage clothing and finding a good bargain. I love finding a typically ‘ugly’ item and pairing it with things to make it wearable.

Who? Singer-songwriter Billie Eilish has an interesting, edgy look.

fashion_spy_belfast (5).jpg
Billie Eilish (Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images)

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