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Bum tattoo Cheryl Cole has gone too far this time... style experts give their verdict


THE huge tattoo has received a mixed reception locally.

Katrina Doran, editor of online fashion/beauty magazine, said the ink was artwork.

"A lot of skill has gone into this tattoo and as a bit of art work it is beautiful.

"I just think the placement of it is very unfortunate and that she may well regret it down the line.

"It's obvious she's had this one done to cover up another one.

"I don't think lasering will ever get that off and she's regretted tattoos before and wanted to cover them up, so let's hope she doesn't go off this one in the future.

"At the end of the day it is her personal choice to do whatever she wants to her body but I've a feeling it will look awful when she's 70."

Carly Bell, owner of Bellaire beauty/hair salon in Belfast, was not so impressed. "First of all, I've nothing against tattoos, I think they can look lovely on many people.

"I have a tiny music symbol on my hip and my fiance Ryan has loads of them but I think this one of Cheryl's is just too extravagant and over-the-top.

"To be honest, I think it's out of character and I don't know why she's had it done. It's massive. Cheryl always says she likes her privacy yet I'm sure her tattooist wouldn't have posted this without her permission.

"She has been quiet lately, except for the L'Oreal ad, so maybe it's a way of getting back in the limelight – a bit of a cry for attention. She's got everyone talking about her again and is back in all the papers, after all."

Brenda Shankey, businesswoman and mother-of-two, doesn't like it.

"To be honest I think her tattoo is completely over the top and pretty disgusting. I think she's gone too far this time.

"The thing is, lots of young girls look up to Cheryl Cole and will want to try and emulate her.

"She's a beautiful pop star so of course there'll be teenage girls who think this is a good idea and may want to follow her lead.

"Cheryl needs to remember she's a role model too."

Uana Tovar, make-up artist for the MAC, is a tattoo fan. She said: "I actually really like Cheryl's tattoo. I think the artwork is good and on the whole it's pretty cool.

"The thing about tattoos is that when you're getting them done, you don't really care about what other people think.

"If it's important to you and you like it, that's all that matters."

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