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Carrie Underwood prefers heels to cowboy boots

Carrie Underwood prefers high heels to cowboy boots which is “blasphemous in country music”.

The American singer discussed her style and how it has evolved since she first found fame in the music industry as the winner of American Idol in 2005.

The country star joked that while she is partial to wearing cowboy boots occasionally, deep down she prefers to be more glamorous and girly.

“I would take high heels over cowboy boots any day, which I know is blasphemous in country music. I do have lots of cowboy boots, but I prefer to look ladylike,” Carrie explained in a behind-the-scenes shoot with Allure magazine. “I feel like my look has evolved since being in the spotlight. I know the things I do like and don’t like now. I’ve had more practise picking out and doing my own clothes, hair and make-up and I know what look I want to achieve. I would always rather wear my hair down, rather than up. I’m country. I’m big on having my hair down!”

The 29-year-old appears as Allure magazine’s cover girl which is her third shoot with the beauty publication. Despite her star status, the 29-year-old star enjoys getting ready herself and values the time she gets to spend alone doing her own make-up before shows.

“I love to do my own hair and make-up. I’m such a make-up junkie. Before I go on stage I like to not have loads of people around me, but do my make-up by myself,” she explained. “It’s my ‘me’ time. It’s about the only ‘me’ time I get when you are on the road like this. I just love to do it myself.

“I like to keep things simple as far as my beauty routine goes. I travel around so much I can’t have lots and lots of things with me. On my face I use a mosituriser with SPF and that’s pretty much it. I try to eat right as much as possible. My favourite moisturiser is Olay Complete, it’s got an SPF.”

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