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Cat Deeley: Good hair makes me happy

Cat Deeley

Cat Deeley says getting her hair done puts a “spring in her step”.

The 34-year-old television presenter found fame in the UK, although she has since gone on to be successful in the US, notably as the host of So You Think You Can Dance.

Cat used to be a model so she’s used to being styled and preened, and admits getting her locks restyled is one of her favourite things to do.

“Your hair can definitely manipulate your mood. If you’ve had a great cut and blow-dry, you definitely have a spring in your step,” she explained.

“You have a confidence that gives you a twinkle in your eye – that makes you not only feel more attractive yourself, but to others too.”

The pretty star’s tresses always look glossy and full of life, although she admits she used to feel insecure about her waves and spent too long straightening out any kinks. Cat has a much more relaxed approach to her locks nowadays, and thinks part of her new-found confidence has come with age.

“I’m not fighting my hair anymore, not trying to get it poker-straight or cut any trendy fringes. I’m very comfortable with it – I think that’s part of being in my 30s and being comfortable with who I think I am,” she told the British edition of Cosmopolitan.

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