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Cat Deeley recounts fringe disaster

Cat Deeley blames Audrey Hepburn for her haircut disaster.

The British star rose to prominence as a presenter on UK television throughout the 90s and into the new millennium, before relocating to the US. Reflecting on her early days in television, the 34-year-old recounts an embarrassing episode when she attempted to replicate late film star Audrey’s iconic hairstyle.

“I blame Audrey Hepburn! I wanted to copy the cute short fringe she had, but didn’t want to wait for a hairdresser’s appointment. I managed to find some plastic Hello Kitty scissors and proceeded to cut in a fringe,” she told more! magazine.

The star concedes the attempt was a disaster, made even worse by the fact she was unable to hide the mishap. Cat has since decided to settle for less ambitious hairdos.

“Then I just kept on cutting and cutting, making it thicker and thicker. When I finished I knew I’d really messed up because it looked mad. I was on TV at the time, so it was actual, proper, public humiliation! So now I’ve basically decided what does suit me and what doesn’t. Make the most of what I’ve got and just stick with that, I say,” she laughed.

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