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Cate Blanchett doesn't fear getting older

Actress Cate Blanchett found turning 40 wasn't "as bad" as people had told her it would be.

Cate Blanchett felt relieved and excited when she celebrated her 40th birthday.

Australian star Cate reached the landmark birthday nearly eight years ago, and admits she felt nervous in the lead up to it.

Despite her older years, the 47-year-old's dominance in Hollywood shows no signs of slowing down, and trying to stave off looking older isn't on Cate's radar.

"It's funny, but I just didn't have that same mentality (about turning 40)," Cate said to America's InStyle about her character Anna in Broadway play The Present. "I felt like I should, if only because everyone talks about it. I think men get talked about in a slightly different way - their age means something different. They're somehow liberated when they're in their forties, whereas women are meant to be sort of fixing themselves up and trying to stave off the inevitable.

"When I reached 40, I was actually sort of relieved and excited."

The Present, written by Cate's husband Andrew Upton, started its initial run in Australia before transferring to the New York stage, marking double Oscar-winner Cate's Broadway debut.

Focusing on Anna's mixed emotions about hitting the big 4-0 might not have hit a nerve for Cate, but she could easily understand the mindset of her stage alter ego because of society's attitude to women ageing.

"You approach it with such a sense of fear because it's built up to such a degree, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. We're so full of fear, but these situations are often the opposite of what we expect," she smiled.

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