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Charlotte Gainsbourg: 'I wanted a nose job'

The Melancholia star is enamoured with natural beauty.

French actress Charlotte Gainsbourg once hated her nose so much she considered a rhinoplasty operation.

The Independence Day: Resurgence star was rescued from a makeover by her dad Serge, who assured her having a large nose is an asset.

"My father always said that having a big nose is character," she tells New York Magazine's The Cut. "I wanted to redo my nose. I hated my nose. I was so embarrassed about it. But he said it would be the worst mistake and that (French singer) Juliette Greco used to have a wonderful big nose; she did surgery and it was not her anymore. It was not the same character. So (it's) good, (I have a) big nose."

Learning to see the beauty in imperfections is the main message behind Charlotte's new makeup line with NARS Cosmetics. The 15-item special release, which is due to hit stores on 15 April (17), was designed to look as natural as possible when applied to the face.

"I do wear makeup, I just don’t like it to show," the 45-year-old explains, "But I’ve learned from film, tips from makeup artists to hide certain things - so for me, makeup can be more about camouflage and enhancing little lines that I like.

"With this (NARS) collection, the idea was to be able to be transparent. I don’t like things that are too much coverage. I wanted the makeup to be build-able, and easy enough not to make too many mistakes."

The actress adds,"Those things you would find unattractive are, for me, really attractive. Like not picking your eyebrows, or just doing the top. It’s to keep some of the roughness you have on your face and not make things too clean."

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