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Cheryl Cole 'loves ponytails'

Cheryl Cole thinks girls look “really cute” with their hair in a ponytail.

The singer and Girls Aloud member mixes her own appearance up and is revered in the industry for her daring fashion sense.

The gorgeous Brit has experimented a great deal with extravagant hair styles, although sometimes she thinks simplicity is the key. Cheryl wants to see more women donning the style which sees their hair gathered up and wrapped in a tie.

“I think girls can look really cute just like that,” the 27-year-old told more! magazine.

Cheryl is more than happy to have a ladies night in and see her friends wearing the ponytail. For her it is a way to be really informal and have a relaxing time after completing one of her many career commitments.

“I love it when the girls come over in their scruffs with their hair just whacked back. It feels cosy,” the singer explained.

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