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Cheryl Cole: My hair tells a story

Cheryl Cole feels her hair reflects her emotions.

The stunning 27-year-old singer found fame in British pop group Girls Aloud and has gone on to enjoy a successful career as a solo artist, collaborating with A-list musicians such as from the Black Eyed Peas.

Cheryl currently has gorgeous long brunette locks, although over the years she has experimented with various styles and colours, ranging from blonde highlights with bangs, to vibrant red with extensions, and she even once sported cornrows.

The beauty admits her desire for experimentation dates back to her teenage years, and she realises now she’s always been keen to change her looks to make herself feel different.

“I’ve always experimented with different hairstyles. Since I was about 13, I’ve changed hair when I’ve felt like it.

“I didn’t realise at the time but obviously I was doing it to make myself feel different,” she said.

Cheryl is praised for her excellent taste in fashion and beauty, although the star doesn’t consider herself an authority on what looks good. The singer would be happy to tell a pal if she really thought a certain hairdo wasn’t flattering, but she would never make unnecessary criticism.

“There’s a fine line between being honest and being rude. You don’t offer your opinion – someone might think their hair looks great and it’s not my business to say otherwise. But if they asked my opinion I’d be truthful,” she told the British edition of OK! magazine.

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