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Chris Hemsworth: 'Getting in shape has nothing to do with money'

Chris Hemsworth does yoga and surfing to help promote his agility.

Chris Hemsworth has insisted being rich doesn't make it easier to get into shape.

The 33-year-old actor is known for the incredible muscles he boasts while playing Greek god Thor on screen. And despite being able to afford some of the world's top trainers and nutritionists to help him maintain such a buff physique, Chris told Men's Health magazine that getting a heartthrob body has nothing to do with money.

"No amount of money makes someone else do the work for you," he told the publication. "If you can’t afford a trainer, that’s totally fine. Use friends; use anyone. Do a workout in your living room. It’s really easy to jump online to find nutritional plans and workout routines and more.

“Ultimately, being fit is about motivation and action creates motivation. Don’t wait around for someone else to come push you. Push yourself."

When it comes to his own regime, Chris is a fan of shaking things up and introduces other workouts to complement his weight-bearing ones.

"My workouts are also about being diverse and mixing things up,” he continued. "It’s easy to get bored. If I’m doing arm day, I’ll work in box jumps in between sets. By working in more cardio, you keep shocking your body and you prevent having problems in certain areas."

The Avengers star also told the magazine he's not all about the bulk. While he acknowledges that having muscles is "nice", he considers agility a bigger priority, and takes part in classes such as yoga to help promote that.

“Being more agile is definitely important,” he said. “Now I add in a lot of other sorts of movement, flexibility, and functional training. I’ll do a ton of Muay Thai workouts. I surf a ton and I do a lot of yoga, too."

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