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Chris Hemsworth: 'I wish I had the godlike scent of Thor'

The Australian hunk is the new spokesman for Hugo Boss’ BOSS Bottled Tonic cologne.

Immortal Marvel superhero Thor would have "the scent of electricity" if he was for real, according to Chris Hemsworth.

The Australian hunk, who is the new spokesman for Hugo Boss' BOSS Bottled Tonic cologne, has portrayed the superhero in several blockbusters and he's convinced his god-like alter ego would never need to spray on fragrance.

"Metal from the hammer - maybe a bit metallic, coppery, or the scent of electricity," Chris tells New York Magazine's The Cut when asked about Thor's imaginary aroma. "He doesn’t sweat. He’s a god. He smells like a god. He probably smells amazing."

Although Hemsworth is a huge fan of smelling good when he's out and about, he has a rule about wearing cologne on set.

"I certainly don’t wear cologne on set. You want to be more of a blank canvas - unless it helped that character in some way. But I haven’t played that character yet," he explains before adding with a smile: "I mean, Thor isn’t one to wear cologne."

Although Thor wouldn't ever have to worry about ageing, 33-year-old Chris, who is a father of three, admits the reality of growing older has been on his mind a lot more than usual of late.

"I notice injuries," he explains with a grimace. "I don’t heal as quick. But I do feel fitter than I have in years. I’m aware of ageing, but I’m not going to sit down and take it.

"I’m making sure that I work even harder to have longevity and make sure this body is willing and able for many years to come."

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