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Chris Pine is all about overalls

Chris Pine likes to wear Giorgio Armani because the designer makes clothes with “timeless elegance”.

Chris Pine is a big fan of wearing overalls.

The Star Trek actor spruces up for red carpet appearances, but during his downtime his style is a lot more laidback, as seen in a photo of him at LAX Airport wearing overalls and a straw hat.

"Loooooove overalls," he gushed to "Overalls are great! Great movement of air happening in the overalls. Great storage device in overalls, harkening back to my love of trains as a child. "They're super f**king comfortable, and I like the blue stripes. But you can create whatever narrative you want about it."

In contrast, the handsome star smartens up for his role as the face of the Code Collection fragrances by Armani. Chris wears a series of sexy suits in each advertisement, and he also speaks highly of designer Giorgio Armani’s clothing.

"The reason I like the line so much and the reason Giorgio Armani has always had an appeal for me is there's a timeless elegance to him and his work, his clothes, his fashion," he added. "There's a sense of what was powerful, magnetic 50 years ago is just as powerful now and will be in the future. Quiet confidence, a sense of chivalry, a sense of humour, integrity - I think those are all in there."

As for the latest scent, Profumo, Chris has more praise up his sleeve. Describing the fragrance as “wonderful and intricate and complex”, the 36-year-old has gained quite the nose when it comes to the ingredients.

"Succinctly speaking, this line of (the Armani Code) fragrances runs the gamut from the top citrus notes to the deep bottom base notes of tobacco and leather and patchouli, all these things that I tend to love,” he explained. “If you like fragrance and you like it to be well-made, I think you'll find it here.”

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