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Chris Pine: 'Sitting for too long messes with my body'

Chris Pine normally sticks to a regular eating schedule, though will have days where he'll binge and crash.

Chris Pine finds sitting down for too long "awful" as it messes with his posture.

The Star Trek actor is constantly jetting around the globe thanks to his successful career, but can’t stand long flights. Luckily he has the perfect way to loosen up afterwards thanks to some specific moves given to him by his trainer.

“For me, working out is less an issue of pumping iron,” he explained to W magazine. “Travelling screws up my back so much. Sitting down is so awful for me. And when I get off the plane, I need to wring my spine out. So my trainer has come up with a special routine, which is essentially just movements that twist your spine. The only way I can really describe it is aggressive, sweaty, fast yoga.”

Chris, 36, works out to gain muscle rather than lose weight as he admits he has a “naturally thin physique”.

He doesn’t follow a strict diet either, though knows what works for him, sticking to a small meal for breakfast, heavy lunches and light dinners. That’s not to say he’s without his weaknesses though, confessing: “I mean I love pasta, I love food. Like what I did today, which is eat a ton of pasta and crash.”

His toned body isn’t the only aspect of him that gains attention; he’s known for his well-groomed facial hair and perfect locks. To get his hair so spot on, Chris takes his stylist with him wherever he goes.

“The wonderful Mr. David Cox, who I’ve known for eight or nine years,” he smiled. “And he’s a part of my family now basically. He’s been in the business for years. He’s worked with everyone. He started in high fashion in London in the ‘80s and he’s the man. He travels with me anytime I have to work.”

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