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Chris Pine's saltwater hair secret

Chris Pine feels his best in anything from a designer suit to jeans and sneakers.

Chris Pine loves the "chunkiness" of saltwater in his hair.

The 36-year-old actor's chiselled good looks make him a Hollywood heartthrob, as does his light brown quiffed locks. He puts a lot of effort into styling them, but mostly relies on a natural source.

"Living in Southern California, I'm in my pool or the water most of the time, so I love the chunkiness of saltwater through your hair," he told Pret-a-Reporter." I use this product called Magic Moon which is not, ironically, a laxative. It's a really good hair product. I’ve got a Mason Pearson brush, which I love. I got one of my favourite beard brushes which is just something from a department store... (in New Zealand) that I use all the time."

Chris also puts a lot of time into his outfits, dubbing himself a lover of craftsmanship. And being the face of Giorgio Armani's Armani Code fragrances means the Star Trek Beyond star isn't short of suits by the famous designer brand.

"It could be an Armani tailored suit that I spent hours working with Isaac, my favourite tailor, taking out the ins and outs of the shape of the lapel, the length of the lapel, the location of the button," he said of feeling his best. "It could be my favourite pair of Edmonds jeans with my new favourite sneakers, these Common Project retro high tops. It just really depends. For me, it’s mostly anything that makes me smile, you know?"

High-waisted pleated trousers are a love of Chris' too, as he likes to be comfortable and able to move. He still favours skinny jeans but admits he's trying a more "retro vibe" with his clothing at the moment.

"I just love this kind of – you know the pants they’re this beautiful kind of off-white, yellow, pale yellow that for me just kind of screams the '40s or the '50s, and I never used to like a pleat but I really like a pleat and a cuff now..." he shared.

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