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Claudia Winkleman: I grew up in a home with no mirrors... I only have one for teeth brushing

TV presenter Claudia Winkleman shares her favourite beauty buys and pampering tips with Katie Wright

With her shaggy, blunt-fringed barnet, pale pink lips and eyes ringed with lashings of black eye pencil, Claudia Winkleman is as known for her unmistakeable style as she is her razor-sharp quips every Saturday night on Strictly.

The TV presenter, who is also an ambassador for Head & Shoulders, says her "ramshackle" beauty regime is very low-maintenance, but when it comes to make-up, she does favour some rather luxurious brands.

We grill the 45-year-old on how she looks after those famous tresses, who she'd like to swap hair with and, of course, where she buys her eyeliner.

What helps you look and feel great?

Sleep, eating well and cuddling my offspring.

Which luxury beauty brands do you like?

I think Charlotte Tilbury's make-up (Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick, Night Crimson, £24, House of Fraser) is quite extraordinary and I love YSL Opium. I spray it everywhere - it can be alarming. My mum once gave me Creme de la Mer for my birthday and I do think it was made of something actually magical. Maybe it's made by real unicorns and mermaids? Just an idea...

Would you ever consider cosmetic surgery in the future?

Totally. I think that it's very easy to say no and never, but pretty soon my face is going to fall off.

What have been your best and worst hair moments?

My favourite hair moments are when my fringe is sort of down to the floor. I love it. I know it looks a bit weird, but I've got such bad eyesight anyway that really it doesn't make any difference, so I like a nose-skimming fringe. Worst moment was when I once cut it too short and looked like Dora the Explorer.

How often do you look into the mirror?

I was brought up in a house without mirrors, and I've only got a mirror for teeth brushing. Some people would argue that I don't look into the mirror enough, which explains why I look ramshackle when I leave the house.

The product I tell everyone about it is...

I'm slightly obsessed with Head & Shoulders. I'm also obsessed with Lord & Berry Eyeliner and MAC lipstick.

If I could swap hair with someone it would be...

Laura Bailey or Gisele. I'd like blonde, streaky, LA hot hair because I have the opposite.

How do you create the ultimate relaxing bath/shower experience?

This is going to be weird for you because most people are probably going to say bath, but I love an endless shower. You turn the shower on and you get in and you go, 'Here we go'. I have Head & Shoulders, the new Nourishing Care Lavender one. It's so amazing. You open it up and suddenly you're in Provence.

Do you have any beauty secrets?

Sleeping. I sleep almost all the time. Even if I look awake, part of me will be fast asleep. I can't give beauty secrets because most of the time I look like a skip, but I suppose my biggest tip would be not to worry about it. Sometimes you'll wear too much bronzer and sometimes your eyeliner will be halfway down your face. Don't panic, just focus next time.

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