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Dannii Minogue emulates her mum’s style

Dannii Minogue says she often looks to her mum for fashion advice.

The Australian singer and television personality launched her fashion line Project D last year with friend Tabitha Somerset Webb. The 39-year-old, who has been lauded for her stylish dress sense, confirms she likes to wear varied accessories to compliment her look, including some of her mother’s prized possessions.

“I have a pearl necklace that I found in my mom’s jewellery box. It’s a classic shape and length and is worn with good memories, and she let me keep it! You can guarantee that if something looks great on your mom, it’ll work for you too,” she told the British edition of Glamour magazine.

Aside from her mother’s collection, Dannii believes having a varied amount of jewels means you’re always ready for every occasion. She cites designer jewellery brand Annoushka as one of her favourite places for accessories.

“I wear all sorts; big, bold, shiny, matte, sparkly, colourful but small and delicate never goes out of style. My new obsession is Annoushka’s Stackable Rings. You can build up a mixture of silver, gold, diamonds and stones, then change them around, depending on how you feel. I’ve had a pink one for a few years and am about to add some gold ones. I like the idea of collecting them for special moments in my life,” she added.

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