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David Beckham doesn’t regret bold outfit choices

David Beckham has partnered with Kent & Curwen on a new fashion line.

David Beckham doesn’t regret any of his past fashion choices.

The former soccer star is as well known, if not more so in some parts of the world, for his uncanny ability to look put together every time he steps in front of a camera, as he is for his on-pitch performances. While he’s tried out just about every trend over the years, from tracksuits to tailored suits, the heavily tattooed Brit reveals not every ensemble was on point.

“My style has evolved. I’m 41 years old now, so you start to dress in a different way as you grow older,” he told The Telegraph. “Over the years, I’ve definitely worn pieces that I look back at now and think 'Why did you wear that? How did you wear that? Wow, that was bold’. But there’s nothing I regret. That’s what makes fashion great.”

As he is married to popstar-turned-designer Victoria Beckham, the star takes a great interest in fashion and following trends. So when he was approached by Kent & Curwen as a new partner, he jumped at the opportunity to work with the heritage house and designer Daniel Kearns.

“I consider myself very English, I’m proud of being English and this is a brand that represents British heritage,” he shared. “I’m not a designer – I leave that to Daniel and my wife – but this is a project I’m very proud of.”

Kent & Curwen began in 1926 as a collegiate outfitter, with same sensibilities carried through the newly revamped line via the inclusion of wool pea coats with military buttons, naval coats, hunting jackets, rugby shirts and cricket sweaters which are emblazoned with the English rose.

But at the heart of the collection is a focus on exceptional tailoring, something very important to the father-of-four.

“People know I’m very English in the way I like to dress, and that’s what we wanted to bring to this,” he added.

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