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David Beckham keeps things authentic with new Kent & Curwen line

David Beckham is proud to have injected the history of British sports into his latest range.

David Beckham hopes the sports elements in his new clothing line will keep it “authentic”.

The former soccer player signed a five-year deal with brand Kent & Curwen in 2015 to help the company appeal to a younger audience. He recently visited Shanghai, China, with the label’s creative director Daniel Kearns to unveil the new fall collection, which has strong elements of rugby and cricket throughout as seen in pieces like a red, white and blue pinstripe jacket adorned with patches such as the Royal Arms of England.

“To bring back the rugby shirt is something that we are very proud of,” Beckham, former captain of England’s soccer team, said at the event, according to WWD. “The three lions (the Royal Arms of England) has been a very big part of my life, for my whole career, something I was proud of.

“With my history as well within sport, to keep (the three lions) there is something that is authentic, because I think when you are not authentic within a brand, people notice that and realise that and I think people want that as well.”

Kearns noted he feels the customers in China will appreciate the traditional elements of the designs, with Britain a “go to reference” for all aspects of style in his eyes. He and Beckham also worked hard to ensure the latest range is "cross-generational", appealing to men of all ages and making everyone feel included.

“It’s about lifestyle. It’s about more of an attitude of what you want to wear, what your lifestyle is like, and your appreciation of British heritage and these types of garments,” Kearns added. “We know there is an older customer here today that’s a very loyal customer and has been loyal to the brand for over 30 years. We don’t want to turn our backs on that customer, so we are trying to come up with a formula that very much elevates the brand and pushes the brand forward, but does not turn our back on the existing customer we have.”

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