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Dermatologist Dr Carl Thronfeldt debunks four common skin care myths

Sarah Tulloch

By Sarah Tulloch

Shop shelves are stacked with countless serums, lotions and potions (costing a small fortune) that promise us flawless, youthful skin - but are they doing us more harm than good?

Dr Carl Thornfeldt is the founder of Epionce, the skin care brand whose products and peels are adored by Northern Ireland bloggers Tiffany Brien, Laura-Ann Barr and Avril Keys.

His 30+ years of clinical research have led him to reject the mainstream aggressive approach to treating skin.

Instead, Dr Thronfeldt has developed the "gentle, yet transformational" Epionce range designed to address the root causes of all skin disease: chronic inflammation and compromised skin barrier function.

With his aim to highlight the risks of excessively harsh skincare regimes, we asked the dermatologist to debunk some common skin care myths.

1. The inflammation caused by Vitamin A (retinol and retinoids) is necessary in order to deliver significant and long-term anti-ageing benefits

"Chronic inflammation in the skin is a root cause to skin aging and many skin conditions. While retinol/retinoids do provide anti-aging benefits, they also aggravate inflammation in the skin. Over time this inflammation becomes chronic and leads to damage in the skin – as seen in the irritation and photo sensitivity that is well known to occur when retinol/retinoids are being used."

2. Darkness in the skin (pigmentation, scarring etc.) is best treated with a high percentage of concentrated Vitamin C

"Irregular pigmentation is a very complex skin condition stemming from damaged melanocyte skin cells – the cells in the skin that produce the melanin. For the entire process that ultimately is seen as irregular pigmentation to be impacted to create long term change, a complex solution must be used.

Vitamin C only addresses a few of the steps in that complex process. So while it will provide some benefit, it will not provide complete, long term results."

3. Those with oily skin should steer clear from oil in any products

"For the skin to be healthy, it needs to have a proper balance of certain oils and water. What we see as “oily skin” means that the skin is over producing oil abnormally. The goal is to bring the skin back into the proper balance of healthy oil production.

Trying to strip the skin of oil or avoiding any products with oil is not addressing the root problem of abnormal oil production. In fact it can even aggravate the skin into producing more excess oil. Skin care products like Epionce use the proper types of oils that help repair and strengthen the skin barrier."

4. The secret to great skin is to drink lots of water

"Staying adequately hydrated is clearly important for overall health and it is the same for the skin. However drinking water in excess to what our bodies require has no benefit and simply results in the natural fluid balancing mechanisms within the body kicking in and excreting the excess in our urine.

Studies have been done in the past looking at just this issue but it was shown that forcing yourself to drink extra water produced no benefit in terms of improvement in appearance of the skin."

The Epionce product line is retailed through medical aesthetic clinics, salons, leading national spas, dermatologists, plastic surgeons and other skincare professionals. For more information on Epionce, visit

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