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Dev Patel: 'I'm only a gentleman in public'

The dapper actor cleans up well for the red carpet.

Actor Dev Patel is nothing like the red carpet-ready gent he appears to be at film premieres and parties when lounging about in the comfort of his own home.

The stylish Slumdog Millionaire star has been praised for his sleek fashion sense for years, but the Brit tells fans not to be fooled - he is a slob out of the spotlight.

"I'd say I have two versions of myself away from screen," he informs U.K. magazine Esquire. "One is the torn t-shirt and the kind of scraggly hair for when I'm rocking around the house. Then there's the whole press look, I suppose, which is cool because you have an opportunity to put on a great suit and feel like a gentlemen.

"I know some people say they hate it, but I love that feeling of being able to dress up for a big occasion."

Dev has recently wrapped up a press tour for his new movie Lion and while walking international red carpets promoting the drama, he had a secret weapon on his feet.

"I was given a pair of Lion socks by my best friend to wear on the red carpet, for luck, and then I got an email from another friend who was in pieces laughing about how there was this thread online with people mistaking them for snail socks and all sorts of things...," he smiles.

And now he swears by "a good pair of socks" to complete his look.

"I lean to the quirky side with them (socks)," he adds. "Something with a pattern. And then a nice watch on your wrist. I think it can dress up any look."

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