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Diabetic Nick Jonas relies on blood lab results to keep fit

The Kingdom star is a nutrition super-fan.

Diabetic singer/actor Nick Jonas plans his workouts around data generated from blood tests.

The 24-year-old star was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 13 and although he wears a Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitor to keep check on his blood sugar levels, strenuous workouts still pose a health risk.

And, as Nick prepares to get ripped for his role in U.S. TV series Kingdom, his personal trainer, Gregg Miele, has to ensure there are stabilising nutrients at hand whenever the singer and actor visits him at his private Los Angeles health club.

"We always keep glucose in the gym,” Miele explains in the December (16) issue of Men's Fitness magazine. “We’re always prepared for that. And, as for diet, we got his blood work done and put him on a specific blood-type diet to make sure he wasn’t eating any inflammatory foods that would hinder his goals or set us back.”

Nick is elated his exercise coaches are so attentive when it comes to monitoring his insulin and glucose levels, as he is very disciplined about maintaining his overall wellness.

"When I’m on the road, I always make healthy choices," he notes. "I don’t have a meal plan delivered to me, but I know what not to eat. I’m always cautious about the food I put in my body."

In behind-the-scenes video footage of Nick's Men's Fitness cover shoot, he explains his love of eating nutrient-rich food even further, adding, "You just feel better when you put nutrition into your daily life. It's a whole process."

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