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Diane Keaton wants to meet style twin Karl Lagerfeld

Actress Diane Keaton used to always go for tailored clothing as she felt it gave her a "body".

Diane Keaton's outfits are often inspired by the "spectacular" ensembles worn by Karl Lagerfeld.

The Oscar-winning actress' unique fashion sense makes her stand out in the spotlight, and during the recent AFI Life Achievement Award Gala, she took a page out of Lagerfeld's book by wearing a black turtleneck jumper with built-in fingerless gloves.

Diane has always opted for more conservative or monochromatic looks and is keen to get up close and personal with the Chanel and Fendi designer to share her admiration for his appearance.

"I've always been quite covered up. Oh yes, I believe in that!" she smiled to The Sydney Morning Herald.

"The other person I think is the biggest genius of all for covering up is Karl Lagerfeld. I feel like I should meet him. I'm sure he wouldn't like my style but I have to say when I look at him, oh wow, oh honey. He took it far and I think yeah, why not? He looks good, man! Spectacular. So I like to think of myself as the female Karl Lagerfeld."

Looking back at how she stumbled across her signature style, the 71-year-old explained that her wardrobe is ever-developing thanks to inspiration from both the street and high-end fashion.

However, the Annie Hall star did gravitate towards a certain type of clothing at the beginning of her career, which she felt flattered her figure best.

"I mean, in the 1970s, Comme des Garcons - I would go and stare in the windows," she recalled. "Romeo Gigli, he had a flair for tailoring. I liked Ralph Lauren early on, too. Because that look gives me a body, that's the way I feel about it. Because I'm kind of straight up and down, I love it."

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