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Elle Fanning: 'Make-up makes my eyes disappear'

The teen star has "rebellious" eyelashes.

Actress Elle Fanning regrets wearing heavy make-up that made her eyes disappear on red carpets.

The Neon Demon star has chosen to wear dramatic eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara to glitzy and star-studded events in the past and she is convinced her experimentation with extravagant looks went way overboard at times.

“I did experiment with a lot of colours on my eyes and things, which I absolutely love; I just think maybe I’ve gone a little overboard with that sometimes,” she tells People of her theatrical cosmetics. “Sometimes you’re like, ‘Whoa!' but you have to make sure that you do the colour correctly. Like it totally can be done, but sometimes if you don’t put enough mascara on or you don’t darken around the eyes enough, your eyes kind of go away and they become small."

Although the gorgeous 19-year-old blonde likes to go wild with her eye make-up on the red carpet, Elle prefers to keep it simple when it comes to her day-to-day beauty routine.

“For me, I always have to keep a good lip balm or mascara in my purse," she explains, noting her eyelashes don't often stay in place when she's out and about, forcing her to do periodic touch-ups."

"Mascara is very important to me," the teenage star adds. "I feel like my eyelashes can be a little rebellious. They kind of stick straight out and go kind of wonky, so I have to curl them, put mascara on and get them under control to make my eyes open up."

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