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Ellen DeGeneres and Michelle Obama go shopping in a pharmacy

Michelle Obama tried to rein Ellen DeGeneres in during a shopping trip around a pharmacy.

Ellen DeGeneres took U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama at American pharmacy CVS as part of her show.

The political figure joins Ellen on her popular series on Wednesday’s episode (14Sep16), and as part of her appearance let Ellen take her out for some beauty and home essentials.

“Michelle is going to be out of the White House soon and I wanted to show her how to shop like a normal person,” Ellen tells her audience while introducing the clip. “It’s been like eight years since she has been to CVS. Like I said, it’s been longer for me. Last time I was there I was shopping for birth control.”

As they enter the store the blonde host tells Michelle to pick up a coupon book for use as the counter, and also lets her know she need to push her own trolley because “no one is going to push it for you”. She adds to the president’s wife: “CVS stands for cotton, Vaseline and stuff.”

Walking around, Michelle tries in vain to stop Ellen from opening items to “check” what they are, and then putting them back when she doesn’t like them.

“You are really not a good person to shop with,” Michelle laughed. “You know you’re really annoying. It’s like taking a three-year-old to the store.”

While there, Michelle picks up some headphones for youngest daughter Sasha, 15, and the pair also try to figure out how to drink wine from a box. A fellow shopper shows them how to pour it and they hand out cups of wine before signing the box.

Ellen then gets her hands on a megaphone and broadcasts to the whole store: “We need a cream for a rash that Shelley was telling me about. What area were you telling me about?”

“My shoulder,” Michelle cringed.

“No, lower than that,” Ellen deadpanned.

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