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Emerald is set to be one of the biggest colours of 2013

We asked Lisa Haynes to find the best green buys on the high street.

How the stars work it

Pantone's 2013 emerald pick is a universal shade meaning it's suited to all colourings. Colour Me Beautiful's Veronique Henderson has this styling advice:

  • CATE BLANCHETT lookalikes (blonde, pale, blue eyes) can wear their emerald with other pale shades — think pastel pink or even cocoa.
  • PENELOPE CRUZ types (dark hair, dark eyes) can wear their emerald with lime, bittersweet reds and even black.
  • CHRISTINA HENDRICKS colourings (golden skin, red hair) will look gorgeous in emerald and could create some interesting looks when mixed with primrose yellows or tangerine shades.
  • JUDI DENCH dames (blue eyes, grey hair) will look wonderful in emerald mixed with pale greys for an elegant look.
  • KATE MIDDLETON princesses (bright eyes, dark hair) will look striking wearing the sparkliest of emerald. To introduce another colour try mint shades, or black or white for contrast.
  • KIM CATTRALL starlets (highlighted hair, muted eyes) will need to make their emerald less sparkly and more muted so that it does not take the shine off you. Wear it with sage or jade greens.

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