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Emilia Clarke's smokey eyed look and the Eye of Horus Goddess range

Can this Australian brand's products live up to its promises for those with sensitive eyes? Claire Cromie finds out...

For years I've been trying to achieve the "smokey eye" look, only to be left standing over the sink in the ladies', scrubbing makeup from my bloodshot, itching eyes.

All the products for sensitive eyes have seemed too clinical to achieve the smouldering effect of lashings of mascara and eyeshadow that I envy on celebs like gorgeous Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke.

Until now.

Eye of Horus is a brand new to the UK, borne out of a pair of Australian girls' frustrations with their sensitive eyes and fine, brittle lashes.

They researched how the Ancient Egyptians used natural waxes and oils in their iconic cosmetics (palettes were found buried with the deceased, who regarded beauty as a sign of holiness and used makeup for spiritual purposes) and developed a makeup range based on the ancient formula, avoiding the use of chemicals.

Their products promise to be long-lasting, non-irritating, and nourishing.

Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara - RRP £17

Goddess Mascara - RRP £17

The hour-glass shaped brush slides out of the tube completely clear of any clumps or excess product - this instantly impressed me as I hate wasting precious minutes of my morning routine wiping the brush clean.

The colour is solid and it glides onto my lashes perfectly, defining and volumising every eyelash right to the end. There is no clumping at all - and now that I've been I've been using it for two to three months I can confirm this is still the case when you're more than halfway down the bottle.

It says it won't run, clump or smudge - and it keeps to its word. It's rare to find a mascara this good for less than £20.

Smokey Eye Goddess Pencil - RRP £13

I have to admit that the first time I tried this, it looked like a child had applied it. This is a VERY soft kohl, but after a few goes it won me over.

The colour glides on so effortlessly that it will require practice if, like me, you're not used to using such a dramatically dark product.

Make sure you heed the advice on popping it into the fridge half an hour before sharpening, or you'll end up with quite a mess (speaking from experience).

But it doesn't tear at your eyelids - and the rubber "smudger" at the other end of the pencil helps blend the line into your skin evenly.

The verdict

I survived an entire night out without any irritation. And these products stay in their place, just like they promised. Definitely worth the price tag.

I'm not surprised to hear that Eye of Horus is a contender in the 2014 Beauty Shortlist Awards. I can't wait to try their eyeshadow.

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