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Emily Ratajkowski: 'Loose breasts are liberating'

The Gone Girl actress resents cultural stigmas surrounding women's cleavage.

Actress Emily Ratajkowski feels empowered every time she leaves her bra at home.

The Gone Girl star has made a name for herself by hitting red carpets with a bouncing cleavage and admits letting her breasts loose helps build her confidence.

"I remember being really jealous of girls who had small breasts because they could wear cool T-shirts or have this cute underboob and no one was ever offended," the 25-year-old, who reportedly wears a C-cup bra size, tells "You see that all the time, girls who have less breasts, they get away with a lot.

"That's awesome, but I just decided that sometimes push-up bras or bras in general can sort of change the natural shape of my breasts anyway and they become hypersexualised, so it's actually in some ways it's much more chic and much more natural and a lot more sexy in a certain way to be braless."

Emily recently wrote a moving Glamour magazine essay, in which she slammed critics for accusing women of seeking attention more often than men, and on Monday (12Sep16) the outspoken feminist chimed in on the burkini ban controversy citizens of France are currently facing, writing on Twitter: "It's 2016. Why keep trying to dictate what women can wear?"

And when it comes to the matter of whether it is proper for ladies to wear bras or not, Ratajkowski shares the same sentiment.

"It's no one's business except your own!" she exclaims. "That is the thing that all women should know and that's what our culture needs to know. We associate boobs with trashiness because we don't see it as something beautiful or we see them as something vulgar because it's scary. I think a lot of people, you know, it gives them power to be able to dictate what people should or should not wear. I'd like to see that stopped."

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