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Emma Stone deadlifted away her back pain

Emma Stone and Emily Blunt’s personal trainer Jason Walsh cites deadlifts as his favourite move to tone up his celebrity clients.

Emma Stone eased her back and neck pain by incorporating deadlifts into her workout regime.

The 28-year-old actress has been flaunting her svelte figure in a series of stunning gowns during Hollywood’s award season. She has been working with personal trainer Jason Walsh to get into shape for the ceremonies, with the exercise guru opening up about their sweat-inducing workouts in an interview with SELF magazine.

"Emma Stone does deadlifts because it feels good and it corrects a lot of (problems)," he said. "She doesn’t have any lower-back pain anymore. The neck pain went away that she used to have because of what these movements do for the full body."

Jason, the founder of fitness studio Rise Nation, counts stars including Jessica Biel, Emily Blunt and Irina Shayk among his celebrity clientele.

And the deadlift is always used in his workouts, because it is a compound exercise that works out lots of different muscles and joints at the same time.

"It's one of those movements that’s more bang for your buck," he explained. "You're going to burn a lot of calories, the muscles are working in a balanced fashion, you’re reinforcing proper movement patterns, it’s going to change the way the body works so that everything else that you do you get more out of."

If you’re keen to start trying out a deadlift, Jason adds that starting with a trainer and adding weights slowly.

"Do the movement with body weight first, then a little weight second, and then you (can) progress to the point where you're doing it with a trap bar," he concluded.

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