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Emma Watson praised by British eco-beauty expert

The Beauty and the Beast star commits a great amount of her time to "finding independent brands and natural formulations".

Eco-friendly beauty expert Imelda Burke has showered actress Emma Watson with praise for promoting sustainable products.

The Beauty and the Beast star launched her @the_press_tour Instagram account earlier this year (17) and in just a few months she has amassed nearly 500,000 followers who are interested in how the British beauty creates her red carpet outfits out of clothing, accessories and cosmetics that are entirely environmentally friendly.

Imelda is the owner of London skincare and cosmetics shop Content Beauty & Wellbeing, and she has worked extensively with Emma after the pair connected over their passion for effective sustainable products.

“Emma had become interested in naturals and organics, which fits with her views on sustainable fashion,” Imelda explains to Racked, noting the actress has put in a tremendous amount of personal time into her quest to discover earth-friendly products. “For a time, she was stopping by (my shop) weekly to try something different, until the store manager suggested we meet. It’s great to meet someone who is as curious and as much of a fan of finding independent brands and natural formulations as I am.”

In addition to her commitment to the promotion of sustainable fashion and products, Emma is a feminist activist who has been championing equal rights through her role as United Nations Women Goodwill Ambassador since 2014.

Burke reveals part of the reason why Emma supports her shop, Content, is because a huge part of the store's ethos is centred around promoting gender equality.

The word 'perfect' has been banned from all product descriptions at Content and additional taxes on female sanitary items such as tampons are paid in full by the store.

“The fact that women get taxed for compulsory bodily functions - it’s crazy,” Imelda insists.

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