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Emmanuelle Alt recalls ‘funny’ debut fashion show

Emmanuelle Alt laughed when she went to her first fashion show because it was so “funny”.

The style icon was recently unveiled as the new editor of French Vogue, following the departure of Carine Roitfeld. She admits her appointment was a shock as she had never really seen herself in such a high-powered position.

Emmanuelle has previously worked as a fashion director and stylist, and first realised she wanted to be involved with the industry when she was 19.

“I never thought about my future. I'm not somebody looking at tomorrow, I really live like today. So I never thought about it, but it was like - why not? It's great news,” she said.

“My first fashion show was a Jean-Paul Gaultier show when he was at Porte de la Vilette and it was crazy outside. I loved it! I was like 'Oh wow, this is really funny.’”

Emmanuelle’s style is legendary, and her outfits are regularly discussed on fashion blogs. She favours tight jeans paired with jackets with big shoulders, but is remaining tight-lipped on what she has in store for the famous publication.

“French Vogue today is a successful magazine and it has a strong identity, so it will probably stay along the same line,” she told British newspaper The Daily Telegraph. “But, I mean, some things will change of course, because we have a different eye - It will be the same, but different!"

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