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Emmy Awards red carpet glamour: A black Cat Deeley sparkles, but Roma Downey's cream

By Cathy Martin

When it comes to glamour, the red carpet at the Emmy Awards is really only rivalled by the Oscars for celebrity style.

Though there was disappointment for much of the British talent that gathered for the 65th annual awards in Los Angeles, the dresses were gorgeous – most of them anyway.

While the focus was mostly on the winners and losers, not every star was there to pick up an award – many were there just to be seen at the Nokia Theatre on Sunday evening.

Among those appearing on the red carpet this year was Londonderry's very own Roma Downey and TV presenter Cat Deeley, wife of Co Down comedian Patrick Kielty.

One dress dazzled – the other, not so much.

Actress Roma is probably best known in the US for the American TV series Touched By An Angel.

And she's also Ireland's top-earning female in the entertainment business, worth almost £300m along with her her fourth husband, Essex-born US TV mogul Mark Burnett.

The couple produced hit US mini-series The Bible on the History channel, but Roma was there last night to see Mark pick up the Emmy for reality competition series The Voice.

The actress from the Bogside appeared in a dress that embraced her curves, making her appear almost mermaid-like.

Like Cat, she chose a cutaway design at the front – sexy but not too revealing.

The fabric itself oozes feminism and glamour with its embroidery and beading detail, and the colour and cut really complement her shape and personality.

Cat has, for me, always rocked anything she wears but I don't know whether I like this little black number or not. I love the fact that it's black and slimline.

I love the cutaway detail at the front and I also love the sequin effect and the halterneck – which shows off her toned yoga arms.

But it looks like the peplum-tulip bulb effect is just too low.

I can't get beyond imagining that this part of the dress would wobble like a bustle and ruin what would normally be a super elegant walk.

Plus, Cat is always so smiley and naturally gorgeous, so to see her hair styled so starkly and super sleek doesn't sit well with me.

Bring back smiley, natural Cat with a glamorous gown I say!

For me, Roma wins the style stakes at this event.

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