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Eva Longoria's wine goals for T-shirt designs

Eva Longoria knows each and every part of the clothes she's designed for The Limited.

Eva Longoria had to come up with new wine slogans for her T-shirt range as “wine o'clock” was already taken.

Actress and producer Eva added another string to her bow when she launched a clothing line with U.S. retailer The Limited, designing everything from work wear to fun tees.

A boozy idea soon developed with her T-shirt offerings, with the phrases “I get better with wine”, #winegoals and “wine a little, laugh a lot” all emblazoned on separate offerings.

"Oh, my Gosh. Well, I love my 'wine a little, laugh a lot' tee, because really, I think that's my motto in life. I am obsessed with wine,” she smiled to “There's another one that says #winegoals that I love to say when people post a photo of a good bottle and I'm like 'Oh, my God, I wanna drink that!' So yeah, I kind of have a wine theme going on. I wanted wine o'clock because that's my thing, but that was taken and so I couldn't use it.”

Eva has always been a keen clothes maker, designing and customising her own looks while she was growing up. The 41-year-old even donned her self-made creations on the red carpet, and managed to glean hints and tips from costume designer Cate Adair on the set of Desperate Housewives.

She decided not to rush into anything when it came to starting her own fashion label though, preferring to wait for the right deal to come along.

"Some people just throw their name on a label and they're like 'Yeah! Go sell me!' But I know each garment, and I know each fitting, each stitch, I know the colour of the thread, I know the cost of the garment, I know everything about it in the design process,” she impressed.

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