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Everything you need for a beautiful summer

By Harriet Walker

Whether you're heading for the beach or the bright lights, invest in a few easy travel essentials so your break from the norm doesn't upset your routine.

Come the summer months, existing regimes go out of the window as we rush into the sun to get that all-important golden glow.

Holiday beauty is no less haphazard, although it may be the one time of year we actually have the space to pamper ourselves. Hair gets crispy, skin frazzled and dry, and those "no make-up make-up" looks become increasingly unrealistic thanks to the blistering, honking redness beneath the foundation.

You may roll your eyes at the prospect of a holiday beauty regime, but take the time to suss out some key products and you'll look better than ever on your return. Whether it's a beach break, an urban escape or something altogether more exotic, looking after your assets while you're away will prolong the feeling of well-being even when your feet are firmly back under the desk.

Sun protection is key, so invest in a quality cream that won't dry out your skin – remember to reapply regularly and watch out for strap marks. The recent profusion of BB (beauty-benefit or beauty-balm, dependening on who you ask) creams combine the hydrating qualities of a moisturiser with the tint of foundation, and usually include some kind of SPF – these are a great choice for when you can't be bothered with a full face of slap but fancy a reassuring bit of coverage.

Going away is also an excuse to lavish yourself with chic miniatures that comply with luggage regulations, the larger sizes (and corresponding prices) of which might usually make you balk. Eve Lom's £75 travel kit includes four of the renowned facialist's most famous and feted products, while Chanel's travel-size No 5 perfume is every bit as elegant as the original – but at £62 for a pack of three mini fragrances.

Seek to make life as easy as possible – if you're heading for the beach, invest in a surf spray that will make any tangles look intentional; look for a really good waterproof mascara, too. Start using a gradual tanning moisturiser before you leave so that you'll fit in straight away – and don't forget a snazzy bag to carry all your bits and bobs in.

Beauty travel tips from the experts

Alessandra Steinherr, Beauty Director, Glamour

The air con on planes is diabolical so I carry Clarins HydraQuench Serum, £40, with me. It's great for travel but also to ease post-sun dryness. A total holiday multitasker.

Bobbi Brown, make-up artist

Multi-use products are perfect for travel because they make packing less of a hassle. My essentials are concealer, foundation stick, and a good moisturising balm, which I use on my face, lips, cuticles, and even my heels.

Jayne Demuro, Head of Beauty, Selfridges

As soon as I set foot on an aircraft I can feel the moisture leaving my skin. I use Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief (£30) as an initial hit and top up my skin with face spray for the duration of the flight.

Laura Mercier, make-up artist

I love to travel, but don't like what it does to my skin. For flights I take something cooling for my eyes. My new Tone Perfecting Eye Gel Crème is the perfect light texture to relieve and calm skin and keep you fresh.

Additional research by Rosa Schiller Crawhurst

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