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Fashion Spy Belfast - Alexa Chung makes the classic look her own, but Kim Kardashian gets it wrong

Kerry McKittrick checks out the style at Castlecourt’s Student Night.

Maria McAley (21), Student, Belfast

Wore what? Jacket, £70, River Island, shoes, £6, Primark, top, £20 and skirt, £15, both Misguided.

Why? My style is classic with an urban twist. I love shops like Urban Outfitters and Topshop. I really don't like people wearing socks and sandals together as it looks ridiculous.

Who? Alexa Chung looks great as she takes a classic look and makes it her own, but Kim Kardashian doesn't dress to suit her figure.

* Monthly spend £100

Rachael Dickey (20), Student, Belfast

Wore what? Skirt, £10, Primark, bag, £25, River Island, top, £8, and boots, £30, both from River Island.

Why? I like quite punky clothes, so I shop in Zara and New Look a lot. I really don't approve of real fur though -- it's the one thing I wouldn't wear.

Who? Mollie King from The Saturdays and Gwen Stefani both rock a punk look, but I think that Miley Cyrus is really getting things wrong at the moment.

* Monthly spend £200

Stacey Rice (23), Student, Belfast

Wore what? Jacket, £15, NV, dress, £30, Quiz, boots, £27, River Island, bag, £6, Primark.

Why? I like wearing dresses and I tend to go for bright, strong colours. I would never wear a onesie outside the house.

Who? Nicole Scherzinger always looks amazing and elegant, but Jordan overdoes things.

* Monthly spend £200

Alana Richmond (25), Dancer, Belfast

Wore what? Jumper, £15, H&M, bag, £12, Primark, jeans, £38, Topshop, boots, £50, River Island.

Why? I like bright colours and comfortable clothes, but I usually dress more girly than this. I don't like bodycon clothes that show too much

Who? Cheryl Cole always looks lovely and feminine but Lady Gaga's style is a bit crazy.

* Monthly spend up to £800

Mandy Fitzpatrick (26), Retail manager, Belfast

Wore what? Jacket, £65, playsuit, £40 and boots, £65 all from Topshop. Bag, £3, Primark.

Why? I work part-time in a fashion shop and like to follow trends. I think tracksuits and sportswear just aren't flattering on people.

Who? Fearne Cotton always looks really edgy, but Victoria Beckham's look is over-rated.

* Monthly spend £200-300


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