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Fashion spy Belfast - 'Corrie's Brooke Vincent is always lovely but the Kardashians try too hard'

Kerry McKittrick checks out the style in Belfast City Centre

Nikki Mills (24), Retail assistant, Belfast

Wore what? Jacket, £80, Jane Norman; dress, £36, Topshop; bag, £8, Primark; boots, £24, H&M.

Why? My style is quite girly and I like bright colours and dresses. I don't think anyone should wear leggings as trousers -- it's just not flattering, as they're often see-through.

Who? Brooke Vincent from Coronation Street is always lovely but I don't like the Kardashian sisters' look. They try too hard.

* Monthly spend £200

Megan Campbell (18), Student, Ballygowan

Wore what? Jacket, £20, H&M; top, £35, Urban Outfitters; bag, £35, River Island; jeans, £40, Jack Wills; boots, £60, Office.

Why? I like wearing jeans more than dresses and I tend to go for darker colours. I'm really not a fan of fluorescent items, as they don't suit my colouring.

Who? Alexa Chung looks good in everything she wears but I don't like Lady Gaga's style.

* Monthly spend £100

Hannah McKnight (22), Student, Belfast

Wore what? Hat, £8, Primark; scarf, £12, New Look; dress, £15, Topshop; jacket, £30, H&M; bag, £40, River Island; boots, £40,

Why? My style is very mix and match but today I'm quite boho. I have a real thing about white vests, I don't like them on anyone.

Who? The French actress Marion Cotillard looks effortless in anything, but Kesha always appears a bit grubby.

* Monthly spend £50

Louise Brown (32), Marketing consultant, Carrickfergus

Wore what? Dress, £35, River Island; boots, £40, USC; bag, £15 and jacket, £30, both from New Look.

Why? I like to dress up for work and tend to go for dresses with block colour. I don't like ultra tight bodycon dresses that show off too much, though.

Who? Alex Curran always looks nice and natural but when Rita Ora dresses down she looks scruffy.

* Monthly spend £300

Kirsty Agnew (25), Sales assistant, Belfast

Wore what? Jacket, £85; jumper, £30; dress, £45, all from Topshop; bag, £150, Fossil; shoes, £12, Primark.

Why? I don't have a particular style, I usually just throw things together. I'm not keen on anything glittery and I really don't like leopard print.

Who? Fearne Cotton has a lovely, unique style. Anyone from TOWIE would be too overdressed for me.

* Monthly spend £200


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