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Fashion spy Belfast - 'Kim Kardashian's clothes always flatter her shape, but Lily Allen looks thrown together'

Kerry McKittrick checks out the style in Belfast city centre

Jolene Allsop (28), full-time mum, Belfast

Wore what? Coat, £35, boots, £10, bag, £8, all from Primark; jumper, £18, H&M; jeans, £27, River Island.

Why? I love to keep up with trends and I like bright colours but my style is mostly casual. Girls shouldn't wear football shirts. I don't think they're designed for them, so they're not flattering.

Who? I love Kim Kardashian's dress sense, as her clothes always flatter her shape. I'm not keen on Lily Allen, though, as she always looks a bit thrown together.

* Monthly spend £150

Regina McNeill (25), dance teacher, Ballymena

Wore what? Coat, £90, boutique in Milan; jumper, £35, boots, £30, both from Quiz; skirt, £50, bag, £70, both from Guess.

Why? My style is very girly and I really like pinks and creams. I also like to mix high street and designer brands. I don't like the grungy look.

Why? I love the way Paris Hilton dresses because she wears so much pink, but Jessie J's style is too dark for me.

* Monthly spend £100

Karen McCann (27), receptionist, Newry

Wore what? Coat, £60, jeans, £10, both H&M; scarf, £6, boots, £20, bag, £11, all Primark.

Who? Victoria Beckham and Miranda Kerr have simple styles but they always look gorgeous. I'm not keen on Fearne Cotton, I think her style is a bit out there.

* Monthly spend £200

Samantha Duncan (29), retail manager, Belfast

Wore what? Jacket, £150, Warehouse; dress, £149, Reiss; shoes, £65, Dune.

Why? My style is comfy but classic. I love dresses but I also like jeans with nice jackets. My wardrobe is full of pieces from Reiss, as I work there. I don't like tie-dye clothes or anything hippy, as they're too casual.

Who? Fearne Cotton's style is unique and quirky and she wears nice dresses. I think anyone from TOWIE looks cheap and tacky.

* Monthly spend £150

Inga Naujukaityte (23), barmaid, Belfast

Wore what? Skirt, £25, top, £20, and bag, £65, all from River Island; coat, £90, Topshop; boots, £40, DV8.

Why? I love a bargain and I go for casual clothes that are a little bit funky. I'm not very girly so I don't like anything with sparkles on it.

Who? Rihanna has a really funky and unusual style, but I think Nicole Scherzinger can get it really wrong on The X Factor sometimes.

* Monthly spend £150


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