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Fashion Spy Belfast: Mixing classic Audrey Hepburn with Kelly Brook's colour

Kerry McKittrick checks out the style in Victoria Square, Belfast.

Helen McCarter (24), Visual merchandiser, Londonderry

Wore what? Dress, £139, coat, £229, bag, £209, all Ted Baker, shoes, £12, Matalan.

Why? I like girly and sparkly clothes. Now that it's coming into the winter I really like colour blocking and faux fur. My look tends to be quite classic and I rarely wear jeans.

Who? I love the classic looks of Audrey Hepburn but with a bit of colour like Kelly Brook. I wouldn't go for the messy look like Peaches Geldof.

* Monthly spend £200

Hilary Harbinson (34), Teacher, Lisburn

Wore what? Shirt, £12, Primark, jacket, £105, Mango, jeans, £45, Topshop, boots, £60, Zara, bag, £45, Topshop.

Why? I wear lots of black and my style is quite smart casual. I don't like slouchy clothes like Ugg boots or velour tracksuits.

Who? Olivia Palermo from The Hills has a wonderful classic style and gets it right every time. I don't like eccentrics like Pixie Lott or Lady Gaga.

* Monthly spend £400

Joice Jamile (25), Accountant, Brazil

Wore what? Dress, £50, boutique in Brazil, coat, £20, Forever 21, scarf, £4, Primark, shoes, £8, Dunnes Stores.

Why? I like wearing black with a lot of red over it as they're my two favourite colours. I don't like anything tacky like leopard-print.

Who? Victoria Beckham always looks classic and sexy at the same time. I don't like Lady Gaga, as she's just too weird.

* Monthly spend up to £100

Julia Sadaguschi (25, Cabin crew, Romania

Wore what? Jacket, £100, Avant Designer, scarf, £20, Pink Me, £20, jeans, £25, top, £19, bag, £40, all Stradavarius, shoes, present.

Why? I like Spanish fashion brand Stradavarius, which has two stores in Dublin -- their simple, classic clothes are easy to co-ordinate. I prefer a classic look to one with lots of patterns on it.

Who? I love people like Claudia Schiffer and Kate Middleton who dress simply, not 'out there' people like Rihanna or Christina Aguilera.

* Monthly spend £300

Sarah Ellis (22), Student, Belfast

Wore what? Jacket, £70, Oasis, shirt, £27, Pull And Bear, cardigan, £15, Gap, jeans, £35, Topshop, shoes, £20, Dorothy Perkins, bag, present, House of Fraser.

Why? I like to co-ordinate my clothes, but be comfortable at the same time. I can't stand things like patterned leggings.

Who? I like Cheryl Cole most of the time although she's been getting it wrong recently. I think Rihanna is a bit over the top for my taste.

* Monthly spend around £100


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