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Fashion Spy Belfast: Rita Ora has funky style but Cher Lloyd looks terrible

Kerry McKittrick checks out the style in Belfast city centre

Christine Nicoll (26), Customer service rep, Belfast

Wore what? Beret, £2.50, scarf, £6, both Primark; dress, £6, jacket, £95, boots, £20, all from

Why? I think my style is quite fun as I like lots of bright colours. I don’t like Crocs — they look appalling.

Who? Rita Ora has a nice fun, funky style, but Cher Lloyd normally looks terrible.

* Monthly spend £100

Rebekah Robinson (20), Teacher, Belfast

Wore what? Jumper, £40, and bag, £16, both Topshop; jeans, £20, New Look; pumps, £25, River Island; scarf, present.

Why? I like high street brands like Topshop. Now the summer is over I'm going back to jumpers. Oh, and I don't like shorts that are too revealing.

Who? Alexa Chung always looks good and has an edgy style. Rihanna looks tacky.

* Monthly spend £50-60

Catherine Morrisey (18), Student, Belfast

Wore what? Jacket, £18, and trousers, £12, both Primark; T-shirt, £7, Exhibit; brogues, £20,; bag, £20, Miss Glam.

Why? Actually I prefer to wear dresses. I pay attention to what’s on trend. People currently wear two prints together but I think it looks strange.

Who? Nicole Scherzinger always looks lovely, but Britney Spears gets it really wrong sometimes.

* Monthly spend £30-50

Becky Hannoway (22), Design student, Belfast

Wore what? Hat, £24, Urban Outfitters; jacket, £25 and dress, £13, both from Primark; shoes, £15, Nike; belt, £1, vintage.

Why? My look tends to be mostly grungy. I don’t like people wearing leggings as trousers, it’s silly.

Who? Zooey Deschanel always looks quirky but nice, thought Miley Cyrus needs to really tone down her style.

* Monthly spend £40

Danielle Bingham (18), Student, Carrickfergus

Wore what? Jacket, £5, vest, £11, leggings, £16, all from New Look; shoes, £25, Bank; bag, £42, River Island.

Why? My style is casual but I do like to keep up with trends. I don't like baggy jeans on girls — I think they can be unflattering.

Who? Kim Kardashian has a nice casual style, but Cheryl Cole’s look can be tacky sometimes.

* Monthly spend £20

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