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Fashion Spy: Cara Delevingne is so cool but Kim Kardashian's style looks like too much effort

Our reporter Jenny Kirkham checks out the style at Sunflower Fest and finds plenty of trendy people in attendance.

Annie McSorley (18), student, Armagh

Wore what? T-shirt, £10, Best Vintage; sleeveless kimono, £20, Rusty Zip; skirt, £25, Urban Outfitters; belt, £15, sunglasses, £12, Topshop; bag, £30, TK Maxx; shoes, £40, Vans.

Why? I love experimenting with my outfits and take a lot of inspiration from styles I see on Instagram and Tumblr. I love to wear lots of layers because it's easier to create unusual outfits that way.

Who? Cara Delevingne is so cool and fun with her fashion sense, I'd love to have her carefree sense of style. I can appreciate Kim Kardashian's style for her, but for me it looks like too much effort. There is nothing new about what she wears.

  • Monthly spend £50

Carla Ferguson (40), classroom assistant, Belfast

Wore what? Dress, £20, Dorothy Perkins; hat, £10, New Look.

Why? I love being all dolled up and over dressed but I definitely am more of a high street dresser because there's more choice that way.

Who? Christina Hendricks has amazing style. She's so glam and classy. I don't like Kris Jenner, she tries to dress like her daughters and, although she looks amazing with a figure to die for, it can be embarrassing.

  • Monthly spend £150

Paula Murray (41), accounts manager, Glengormley

Wore what? Poncho, £24, Yak Shak; top, £8, Topshop; jeans, £40, Only; wedges, £45, River Island.

Why? I love colourful clothes that stand out in this horrible grey weather. There are plenty of occasions to blend in, but choosing fashion shouldn't be one of those times.

Who? Paloma Faith loves an array of colours and I really like her attitude towards clothes. Her style screams, "wear what you want, not what you're told." I'm not a fan of Victoria Beckham's style, it's too structured and rigid for me.

  • Monthly spend £100-150

Xenia Godrey (18), beauty apprentice, Belfast

Wore what? Jacket, £25, top, £7, sandals, £8, New Look; skirt, £20, vintage.

Why? I'm very girly and love wearing skirts and dresses, but I love seeing edgy styles on other people, so I try to make my outfits quirky by adding vintage pieces I've found online or in my mum's wardrobe.

Who? I love Beyonce's style because it can be really out there and eccentric, yet she always looks comfortable and classy. I don't like Miley Cyrus' style, she tries far too hard and ends up losing all sense of style.

  • Monthly spend £150

Katie Hussey (18), student, Glengormley

Wore what? Jumper, £32, Urban Outfitters; skirt, £20, Topshop; boots, £13, Primark.

Why? I'm wearing a lot of colour because it's summer and I'm at a festival, usually I wear more black and muted colours.

Who? I love Lily Collins' style because she knows how to wear the latest trends, while putting her own spin on it. I don't like Ariana Grande, she's too preened for me and her style is too girly.

  • Monthly spend £60

Aoife Gordon (23), student, Belfast

Wore what? Jacket, £65, Adidas Originals; shirt, £15, H&M; trousers, £32, Urban Outfitters; trainers, £90, Nike; bag, £22, Topshop.

Why? This is what I would normally wear on a day-to-day basis. I like to be comfy and stylish, so I love sports luxe style.

Who? I definitely take inspiration from Alexa Chung. She always looks stylish but not like she's tried too hard. I don't like Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, she can look common.

  • Monthly spend £100

Debbie Burns (45), dental nurse, Newtownabbey

Wore what? Top, £30, sleeveless jacket, £40, boots, £60, Zara; jeans, £30, Dorothy Perkins; bag, £875, Mulberry; sunglasses, £200, Ray Ban.

Why? I think it's important to dress for your shape and what makes you feel comfortable, but I love trying out different styles with a mix of high street and designer clothes.

Who? Kate Moss is so relaxed when it comes to fashion and has an almost effortless style. While Vivienne Westwood and Donatella Versace design and turn out amazing pieces, their personal style makes me cringe.

  • Monthly spend £200

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