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Fashion Spy: I love Fearne Cotton's edgy, vintage style but am not keen on Miley Cyrus's look

Sarah McDonagh
Sarah McDonagh
Emma Taylor
Shannon Taylor
Scarlett Reilly
Fionnguala Cullen

Our reporter checks out the style in Belfast city centre and finds plenty of stylish people out and about.

Sarah McDonagh (22)

Student, Belfast

Wore what? Jacket, £17, Primark; necklace, £12, top, £16, Topshop; leggings, £15, H&M; boots, £75, Office; purse, £15, River Island.

Why? I like to dress casual but I would go for leather items too. I don't like anything pink or too girly.

Who? The model Jessica Burciaga has great style and so does the actress Jessica Alba, they're both quirky and like bright colours. I don't like Lily Allen, though, as her style is too grungy for me.

  • Monthly spend £300

Emma Taylor (18)

Student, Belfast

Wore what? Coat, £50, Zara; shirt, £30, Hollister; jeans, £20, New Look; bag, £16, Topshop; boots, £25, H&M.

Why? My style is sophisticated and classic but I like to be feminine and I'm not afraid of a bit of colour. I don't like jumpsuits or anything boho.

Who? I like classy dressers like Victoria Beckham and Kate Middleton. I don't like Cara Delevingne's style, though – she rocks it, but I couldn't.

  • Monthly spend £200

Shannon Taylor (18)

Student, Belfast

Wore what? Jacket, £20, skirt, £15, shoes, £17, all from New Look; vest, £3, bag, £8, both from Primark.

Why? I have a rock chick style so I go for a lot of leather, lace and tartan. I don't like jelly shoes in neon colours, they're just terrible.

Who? I really like Fearne Cotton's edgy, vintage style but I'm not keen on Miley Cyrus's look, as it's a bit over the top.

  • Monthly spend £200

Scarlett Reilly (20)

Student, Newcastle

Wore what? Shirt, £20, H&M; leggings, £10, Miss Selfridge; boots, £35, Missguided; bag, present, House of Fraser.

Why? My style is mostly grungy so I tend to go for dark colours. I love anything monochrome, but I don't go for things that are too pink.

Who? I love the boho chic look of Vanessa Hudgens. I don't like how Lady Gaga changes her style all the time.

  • Monthly spend £200

Fionnguala Cullen (23)

Student, Belfast

Wore what? Kimono, £20, vest, £8, both from New Look; trousers, £12, flip flops, £2, both from Primark; bag, £40, River Island.

Why? I like colour but I prefer to do my own thing instead of following trends. I don't like anything too casual like Crocs.

Who? Rihanna and Beyonce both have a great, edgy style but Victoria Beckham's look is a little too plain for me.

  • Monthly spend £500

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