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Fashion Spy: I love the style on Made in Chelsea like Millie Mackintosh

Our reporter Jenny Kirkham checks out the style in Belfast city centre and finds plenty of trendy people out and about.

Carmen Richter (18), student, Donaghadee

Wore what? Jacket, £50, Urban Outfitters; top, £6, H&M; jeans, £24.99, Pull and Bear; shoes, £5, Topshop; bag, £60, Next; belt, £9.99, TK Maxx.

Why? I tend to wear mostly dark casual clothes with one statement item. I think that's the best way of making an outfit look original.

Who? I take my fashion inspiration from people in the street, but I do like Cara Delevingne's style because it's very relaxed. I don't like the style from Geordie Shore or The Only Way is Essex because their outfits aren't unique.

  • Monthly spend £20

Jane White (50), teacher, Antrim

Wore what? Dress, £20, vintage; shoes, £10, Greece; bag, £100, TK Maxx.

Why? I'm not a casual dresser at all. I don't ever wear jeans. I have a dress for every single occasion.

Who? I love Paloma Faith, she always looks quirky and different. I don't like anyone off those reality programmes like Geordie Shore.

  • Monthly spend £300

Caroline Ellison (61), teacher, Bangor

Wore what? Top, £20, T-shirt, £12, trousers, £25, H&M; shoes, £35, Dune; bag, £1,400, Prada.

Why? I really love fashion so I like to try something different every day. I rarely wear the same style two days in a row and I'll try anything on if I think I'm going to look good in it.

Who? I like the type of London street style you would see on Alexa Chung, but I also like the structure of Victoria Beckham's dresses. I can appreciate all fashion styles, but I don't like trashy dressers like Jodie Marsh and Katie Price.

  • Monthly spend £200

Carla Hutchison (18), waitress/student, Bangor

Wore what? Top, £12, bag, £15, Miss Selfridge; jeans, £10, Primark; shoes, £25, boutique; sunglasses, £4, Primark.

Why? I love summery clothes. Anything with lots of colour and patterns on it, I'll wear it.

Who? I like Kendall Jenner because she wears stuff that normal people can get away with. I don't like Miley Cyrus' style, it's too much.

  • Monthly spend £200

Hannah Rogers (21), student, Manchester

Wore what? Jacket, £12, Storm, Liverpool; dress, £3, Primark; shoes, £25, New Look; bag, £30, Dorothy Perkins; sunglasses, £13, River Island.

Why? I'm more comfortable in darker clothes, but in the summer I like to incorporate dresses and dress up a bit more.

Who? Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope in Scandal is so polished and smart while still looking stylish - I'd love to be able to dress like that. I don't like Florence Welch's style. I'm not into oversized clothing and that hippy look just isn't for me.

  • Monthly spend £80

Donna Murphy (46), hairdresser, Belfast

Wore what? Dress, £20, Dorothy Perkins; shoes, £6, TK Maxx; bag, £10, Spanish market.

Why? I love bright colours and wearing dresses. Jeans are more for casual running about, but when shopping or anything else I like to dress up a bit more.

Who? I like Christine Bleakley, she's a big fan of dresses and the colour red which I like. I don't like Alesha Dixon, because she seems to wear a lot of jumpsuits and I'm not into them.

  • Monthly spend £50-100

Maggie Quinn (21), student, Jersey

Wore what? Top, £8, skirt, £10, shoes, £8, Primark; bag, £110,

Longchamp; sunglasses, £15, TK Maxx.

Why? I usually wear jeans, but I'll try every so often to change it up and put on some colour and a skirt or dress.

Who? I love the style on Made in Chelsea like Millie Mackintosh, they can make the most casual of clothes look dressy. I don't like Rita Ora's style. She never looks comfortable in her clothes and she's trying too hard.

  • Monthly spend £150

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